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    well I am very new to this site that also my friend introduce this >///< site to me. Also while surfing I found the torrent page to where I can download and watch ecchi anime 😛

    Ok, so my issue is… I’m trying to Donwload this files and until now no files downloading:
    2010-11-22 05:16 - [EROBEAT] Gakuen Shimai - 01-02 [x264] - 465.69 MB
    2011-03-27 22:23 - [EROBEAT] Junk Boy [x264][F0D6D906].mp4 - 465.98 MB

    both got a torrent seeder and after 2-5hrs of waiting last night it says on my BitTorrent client that NO SEEDER is open for seeding. So I am baffled how come there is none? My Download speed is 23Mbps and Upload speed is 3Mbps, I also check my net speed if its something wrong but its none. I also check the torrent and it say private to where the torrent is healthy. Can someone tell me something? Because after a day of waiting I do not see any. Also I am wiling to SEED since I know how hard to maintain the torrent after 1 yr or so.



    Hi, I’ll seed them tonight.
    But my upload speed is very slow, so don’t expect anything exceptional.



    Hello :),

    that would be great and I am willing to wait until the file are complete. I’m leecher for now so I wont ask for more. Not everyone got a faster upload speed so I am very much grateful to anyone who is willing to seed if they got the same files I’m wanting to watch 😛

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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