On Vacation

I’m currently on vacation in Japan with limited internet access. I’ve actually, been gone since the beginning of the month, so sorry for the lack of updates. Japan is a lot less interesting than I expected. Maybe I just haven’t been to any of the shadier places. All the shopping malls play music in English and you feel very much at home. You actually don’t even need to know a single word of Japanese to live in Tokyo. All the important signs have English, and most people will understand your hand motions. In the mean while, rest assured that progress is still being made without me, and we’ll have lots of stuff to release when I get back in May.

For those who have asked, Stringendo Ep 2 might be released in the next month or so (no guarantees). Taimanin Asagi Ep 3 is “in the works”. Both projects are currently low priority since we do not have a dedicated translator for them, and will be released “when it’s done.” We might pick up Stretta, although it is unconfirmed.

Starting Fresh: From Erobeat to Eurobeat!

I have an announcement to make:
We’ve decided to quit fansubbing.

Our translators have abandoned us, and the remaining staff capable of doing any work are MIA. I posted numerous help wanted ads, but nobody ever responded. Without qualified staff, we are unable able to continue.

Having said that, I’ve paid for 2 full years of hosting in advance, so I might as well put it to good use. Instead of fansubs, we will be offering Eurobeat music downloads from now on. All our old content will be removed next week, and will be replaced with Eurobeat. Thanks for all the support over the years. It’s been a good run.

Harukoi Otome – Ep 2

Here’s the second (and also final) episode of Harukoi Otome. We got a whole crapload of stuff for (eventual) release, so stayed tuned.

Get it: Here

All the files I uploaded to Megaupload have been deleted. In order to prevent this from happening in the future, someone suggested that I use jDownloader to encrypt the links. All direct downloads in the future will come in the form of jDownloader DLC files. In order to download, please follow the 5 steps below:

1) Download and install jDownloader.

2) Go to “Links -> Add Links -> Add Container”.

3) Browse for the DLC file on your hard drive.

4) Manually select the files you want or click “Continue with all”.

5) Click on the “Play” button to start downloading.

Harukoi Otome – Ep 1

We bring you more hentai… with a plot! Enjoy watching as Akihito goes around screwing all the girls he comes in contact with, while struggling with the feelings stirring within him. Feelings for whom, you ask? Watch and see…

Also, a kind soul has offered to serve our releases on his XDCC bot. So come and chill in our IRC channel: #erobeat @ irc.rizon.net

Get it: Here

The Pollinic Girls Attack – Ep 2

It’s been awhile since our last release. We’re currently working hard to make new releases available um… more frequently 😉 As usual, there is no ETA for any particular series. We have a very small staff, and have busy lives outside of fansubbing hentai. If you or anyone you know is fluent in Japanese, drop me an e-mail. We can use all the help we can get.

With that being said, I’m currently trying to acquire some hentai DVDs for future releases. For now the money will most likely come out of my own pocket, but donations would be greatly appreciated.

Get it: Here

Sharing is Caring

The release of The Pollinic Girls Attack episode 2 is drawing near, and having said that, I’ve decided to try something new. From now on, everytime we release something, I’m going to post a Megaupload link as an alternative to BitTorrent. All the files will be compressed in RAR format. You can grab WinRAR from http://www.rarlab.com if you don’t have it.

Here’s episode 1 for those who have not yet downloaded it.
Link: http://anonym.to/?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L4WJBJ85
Link: jDownloader (Right click and select “Save As”)
Password: http://erobeat.hafio.net

Please feel free to share the link and spam it to the moon and back, but please keep the http://anonym.to part at the beginning of the URL. It prevents Megaupload from knowing where the link originated from, so that there’s less chance of the file being deleted. The files are also password protected, so that Megaupload can’t view the contents. Don’t worry though, all the files will use the same password.