Q: I’m not getting any sound or video when I play your releases!
A: You’re most likely missing the required codecs to play the file. Try installing the Core Community Codec Pack or the latest version of VLC.

Q: The sound doesn’t match up with the video. What’s wrong?
A: You are running an outdated version of the Haali Splitter from over a year ago. Please update it here.

Q: Why are most of your release censored?
A: Pelvic regions are censored in Japan. It’s the law.

Q: That’s stupid! What’s the point?
A: Hey, some countries don’t get any porn at all! Stop complaining!

Q: Why don’t you guys release more regularly?
A: We don’t have a dedicated translator. If you’re able to translate, even if it’s for an episode or two, please contact me at:

Q: What is an DLC file, and how do I open it?
A: DLC files can be opened with a program called jDownloader.
    Just follow the 5 easy steps below:

    1) Download and install jDownloader.

    2) Go to “Links -> Add Links -> Add Container”.

    3) Browse for the DLC file on your hard drive.

    4) Manually select the files you want or click “Continue with all”.

5) Click on the “Play” button to start downloading.