Discipline Zero – Ep 1

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33 Responses to “Discipline Zero – Ep 1”

  1. X20A-EXIA says:

    was looking for this thanks cant wait

  2. ShinobiMuramsa says:

    Thanks a lot for this! I’ve been wanting to see this subbed.

  3. SwitchBladeZ says:

    call me crazy… but im pretty sure i have this subbed already… id have to see if my old 250gb IDE hdd will still work but im pretty sure i do…

    none-the-less, keep up the crazy train of subbing like mad… (need moar tentacles )

  4. SwitchBladeZ says:

    nvm… spinoff?

  5. ekz says:

    its actually a prequel that was made after the one you already know

    thanks for the release erobeat. you guys are the best

  6. AlekC says:

    zero = prequel.

    Erobeat on fire. Keep up the great work guys, Thanks for the TL/sub.

  7. Metty says:

    This is why i love you guys

  8. Toripuri715517 says:

    Holy shit! Thanks a megafuckton!

  9. Cubitus says:

    Thanks, any idea when the 2nd episode will be released (subbed or not) ? Coz the 1st one is already 4/5 months old…

  10. Japetus says:

    Thank you guys!

  11. PiCh says:

    Thanks Erobeat !

  12. Fritte says:

    Great work to all of you!

  13. wuzzer says:

    is this cencored? i hope not though, really hope tt its gonna be like the 1st season

  14. Fattmando says:

    2nd Episode should come out June 25th

  15. Hinamizawa says:

    wuzzer: It’s not licensed yet, so it’s censored.

    I haven’t seen the original Discipline yet, so I might as well go watch this first. Thank you for the release.

  16. cantax says:

    What a surprise. At least for me. I didn’t know that the first Episode is released yet.

    Thank you very much.

  17. TKG says:

    Nice, if only they weren’t so slow making these things, we wouldn’t have to wait for June for the next episode. :lol:

  18. Testgamma1 says:

    Awesome dude, your the best ive found so far,.

  19. Koolio says:

    Can’t wait for VOL.2

  20. joluis says:


  21. fag says:

    so you can watch dicks uncensored?

  22. tyke says:

    thank you so much for all your excellent work!

    i am very eagerly looking forward to the next release!

  23. shinkun says:

    you guys.. godzzz =D

  24. Espiii says:

    Vol2. will be released 25.06.2010

  25. Terry Martinez says:

    can someone help i dont know how to play the video

  26. OmegaJoe says:

    Sorry to bother you admin, but I’m also having a hard time playing these files. When I use Winrar on either part, it says i need to download a newer version of Nero. JDownloader doesn’t acknowledge them as DLC files, and VLC obviously won’t work either. Am I doing something wrong before I even try opening these files? I would really appreciate any help.

  27. admin says:

    Step 1: Install WinRAR
    Step 2: Download parts 1 and 2.
    Step 3: “Right Click” on either part, and choose “Extract Files”. Click OK.
    Step 4: Play the file [EROBEAT]_Discipline_Zero_-_01 in the media player of your choice: Windows Media Player, VLC, Nero Showtime or whatever.

  28. OmegaJoe says:

    Ah it’s working now, Thanks. The Megaupload files worked better for me, for the other ones it said the file was corrupt.Both parts are necessary to view the video, right?

  29. J_man says:

    When will it become licensed? I don’t like censored =S

  30. flame fox says:

    @admin I thought the second ep was coming out on June, 25, 2010, but it still hasn’t come out yet.

  31. Greyhoundz says:

    Whoa been waiting for this please can you put up the next episode coz we can’t wait for it…Thnaks Ero

  32. badjoelz says:

    thanx erobeat!! :)
    second episode please
    can’t wait it too long, I’ve been watched it but it’s raw :(