Windows 7 Ultimate

I need a genuine copy of Windows 7 Ultimate (not Professional or Home Premium). Microsoft has blocked of most MSDN keys recently and my OS has been deactivated as of today. If anyone can get me a copy from the Microsoft Store, or any other means for $50, contact me: here. No comments about cracks please.

9 thoughts on “Windows 7 Ultimate”

  1. The only thing I see different between the Professional and Ultimate is that Ultimate have a bitlocker to protect against loss of data and theft. Also you can change between 35 languages.

  2. Just buy a copy. If you go to college, you can probably get a student discount, or ask a friend who attends a school that has it.

  3. I trust no-one these days… I guard my MSDN keys with my life (you know how hard it was to get…)

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