Seifuku Shoujo – Ep 1-2

Murakami before the motion blur…

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44 Responses to “Seifuku Shoujo – Ep 1-2”

  1. mc says:

    THX x 9000

  2. matias067 says:


  3. Jokester says:

    domo…. arigato!!

  4. Raithos says:

    o wow didnt think you guys would do this! thanks a lot!

  5. BubbleBang says:

    I dont like rape hentai >”< .

  6. ISpy says:

    holy crap thankyou!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why did it fucking have to be Rape?

  8. wilsonwilson says:

    thank you

  9. Raithos says:

    um theres only one episode in this pack, the title in the video as well as this site say episodes “1-2″ i think you guys forgot to add in episode 2? or is it not done yet? lol

  10. Pixy says:

    Thanks a lot :D
    Quit complaining about rape lol, everything in hentai is rape and that’s why we love it.

  11. Valk says:

    It is the first 2 episodes combined into one, individually they each of the episodes a different story. Plus each only lasts half the time of a normal episode.

  12. Kakor...ot says:

    the second link won’t work for me :(

  13. Dynellen says:

    Seifuku shoujo has 2 episodes, both of which consist of 2 stories so 4 stories total, this one has the first episode, aka stories 1-2.

    Ty for this, been hoping this would get translated for ages.

  14. Eep says:

    Didn’t expect to see this one subbed during my lifetime.

    Thank you!!

  15. mor says:

    Thank you!!

    This makes stories 3 and 4, and Kazama Mana only few episodes directed by Murakami left unsubbed :)

  16. siren says:

    thx guys
    how about torrents?

  17. Raithos says:

    yeah it has 4 stories, I see two here.
    The one with the schoolgirl, and the one with the girl that’s mistaken for a hooker and forced into a variety of cosplay outfits.

    There’s still one where a girl is kept in an apartment and raped against her will by her schoolmate, and 2 sisters that are raped by the school janitor and I don’t see that in here.

    therefore I dont see how this is episodes “1-2″

  18. Raithos says:

    Unless there’s a “3-4″?

  19. I’ m not a big fan of rape, but is it good?

  20. Megas says:

    Geez, why are folks makijng such a big deal about this. Rape, so what, don’t like it, don’t watch it, lol. It not that good but its not bad at all. Its even a little weird, especially vol.2. Anyway it has 2 vols, each with 2 episodes, so this is episodes 1 & 2.

  21. CSD says:

    Thank you much for this!

  22. zeux says:

    Thanks a lot for this, great stuff.

  23. Snow says:

    Rape is one of the worst things that are present in Hentai(losing only to tentacles,IMO).Humiliated women just turns me off,I can barely stand to watch it,so I won’t :)
    Still,proper thanks for the work,erobeat :)

  24. Mindflayer says:

    Wow! I was hoping for this (amongst others) to be subbed. Thank you very much!

  25. Prism says:

    woot, i’ve never though this would be subbed. This is great, Thanks a lot !.

  26. Sage says:

    lol if you don’t like rape then you shouldn’t be watching hentai

  27. Anonymouse says:

    While I disagree with some peoples’ assertions here that “If you don’t like rape, you shouldn’t be watching hentai” – because really, there’s PLENTY of non-rape content to go around – Erobeat has subbed quite a bit of that sort of content as well, but they’re also occasionally going to do things that not everyone likes, and it’s not REQUIRED of you to express your discontent every fucking time they do.

    It’s not their job to suck your dick and cater exclusively to your tastes.

  28. Anonymoose says:

    You guys are awesome !

  29. PINGAS says:

    Is it just me, or does the Megaupload link not work? I realize that it links to some “” link, but… hmm.

  30. Anonymouse says:

    None of the urls are working right now, it seems. Admin in the previous post said it would probably come back online later, so for now you’ll just have to use the hotfile links I guess.

  31. Cizzle says:

    @PINGAS: I always download part 1 from hotfile and part 2 from Megaupload (so i can download both parts at the same time) and it has worked for ever video i’ve downloaded.

  32. Tim says:

    <3 EROBEAT thx x1000 guys give more schoolgirl-rape to the masses u r tha Best!!!

  33. highaman says:

    i have problem downloading megaupload part , it lead over to some fff/smth website which cannot be connected. can anybody help?

    Also the previous post “NICE BOAT” also had the same problem, pls help.

    Thanks erobeat for the great release!

  34. Chaosrains says:


    Try the hotfile link for part 1 instead. There’s been some issues with the links to megaupload lately.

  35. highaman says:

    ok thaanks alot!

  36. sage1210 says:

    Why no torrent ?

  37. highaman says:

    does downloading from hotfile need some proxy servers to connect?
    i was denied from downloading from the site, “You are currently downloading..Free users are allowed to only one parallel download..”
    do someone know how to resolve this?

  38. sage1210 says:


    I found another problem but end in the same result.

    I can download from hotfile but it always give me terrible speed and also end in broken file.

    I wonder why this show not upload to torrent.

    Could some one make it clear ?

  39. highaman says:


    haha i can’t even start download good for you, well you could try DAP (download accelerator Plus) that apps can help you download faster by abit.

  40. sage1210 says:


    no it useless.

    it seem the free hotfile not allow any download manger software to get their file in one piece. it always eject your download or give you a broken file.

    i feeling hopeless about this hotfile now.

  41. sage1210 says:

    i really hope this show can go to torrent soon.

  42. Chaosrains says:

    @why no torrent:

    For one, the series isn’t finished yet. I just got done QCing Ep 3-4 a few nights ago.

    And second, we try to wait until the amount of money generated from the download links balances out for the cost of translation before posting a torrent. Though, this could have been translated for free – I don’t really know – in which case refer to reason #1. But again, we’d wait until the series is finished anyway.

    And if we don’t post a torrent ourselves – you’re more than likely to find it posted at BakaBT soon after series completion.

  43. sage1210 says:


    Thanks for your fast respond.

    However I still confusing just one more thing.

    If you said you not post torrent by your self, so what will happen to torrent section ?

    Do you mean there will be no longer have any update in that section or some thing ?


  44. Chaosrains says:


    You’re misunderstanding.

    The torrent section will remain, and we will continue to post torrents for our releases, but they will not be posted until the above two conditions are met.