Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo – Ep 1

For the very first time (not counting re-releases), hentai is released in HD. Brought to you by Erobeat and biribiri.

Get it: Here

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35 Responses to “Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo – Ep 1”

  1. nitemaerish says:


  2. Anon says:

    thanks much appreciated

  3. durmush says:

    i’ll wait for the xdcc.
    you guys are the awesomest >w<

  4. durmush says:

    But pardon me I didnt get the HD stuff, is it HD-DVD, Blu-ray or just a filtered upscale?

  5. Zathael says:

    Thanks a lot for this one, you do some great work. I am also going to be sending you a small donation as an additional way of saying thanks. It’s not much, just a few bucks, but I hope it helps.

  6. Chaosrains says:

    durmush: It’s bluray.

    Zathael: Much appreciated <3

  7. Khilandros says:

    Niiice, glad to see this one released. Once again another great release, thanks and much appreciated :)

  8. faster04 says:

    Just watched it.
    Beautiful job,guys!!


  9. moot says:

    Finally, a new release with substance. I was getting a bit tired of the moe-blob h-releases as of late. Keep up the good work erobeat.

  10. EvilDragon says:

    CRC checker says that it’s ok, but I still get torn picture even in this rip, for example timecode 1:41 onward.

  11. Takahashiro says:

    I love this hentai^^ thank you guys!

    erobeat = high quality subbed hentai :)

  12. den says:

    Can I disable the subtitles in this video file ?

  13. drakoz says:

    Awesome. Thanks. The one on hongfire was so bad, lol. I can’t wait for the next episodes, let’s go foursome!!

    /wishes the episode was on a torrent.

  14. skullking123 says:

    wasnt this done with some uber processing power???? How long did the encode take??

  15. admin says:

    It took days. But I’ve got all the kinks worked out now, and I’m upgrading my computer next week, so it shouldn’t be a problem in the future.

  16. EvilDragon says:

    No comment about picture falling apart, even though CRC is fine?

  17. admin says:

    I think it is a codec/player issue. Nobody else seems to have any problems.

  18. EvilDragon says:

    @admin – it seems to be. I updated my K-Lite Mega Codec Pack with the newest version (I was on 4.-something, and 5.-something was already out) and it’s good now!

    So thanks for a good release after all! Cheers!

  19. matias067 says:

    Thanks for this HD H-animu release!

    btw, this hentai is a pure win! “Superb!”

  20. akariziel says:

    SD please…


  21. matias067 says:

    BD please…


  22. admin says:

    If you are unable to play HD, I recommend trying the CoreAVC codec.
    Even a 6 year old 2ghz Pentium 4 or even a cheap netbook should be able to play the files smoothly with no problems.

    If you had your computer for more than 6 years, then I don’t know what to say… but to buy a new one.

  23. Jaden says:

    Great, hope there will be more HD releases!

  24. cc says:

    not as good as resort boin but not bad

  25. Chris. A. says:

    Already watched it, it was great. any idea on when episode 2 will be done? that is if you guys are working on it, or can find it for that matter, I looked for even a RAW and I coulden’t find anything. you guys do great work, any hints as for future releases?

  26. Keita says:

    any update, about ep 2 being sub?

  27. Bon says:

    Are u guys doing Ep 2 too?

  28. noko says:

    Fileserve link is down!

  29. Sazn Rai says:

    Can I watch it here or do I have to download?
    I have already watched this on other site but that site got legal action taken and its shutting down.. so sad.. it was the best around.. havent seen a site so good like that.. for what it meant to be. I cant dream hentai anymore!

    anyway.. yeah.. i liked this too.. the anime.. the train scene was the best for me… too bad it was so short… but it really was something different and done perfectly. looks so sexy..! goddamn…

  30. Sazn Rai says:

    By the way theres supposed to be 3 episode out already.. isnt it?
    I have only watched the 1st one (this one)
    I didnt watch the rest.. it was already out and subbed in HD but it cant be watched anymore.. the site is doomed..!

    • admin says:

      This is the official source. You can stream or download all 3 episodes here. Use the search or go to the download section.

  31. Arron says:

    The animation is just superb, more clear and refined, looking at it, there is a big shortage of innocent well animated hentais, its usually low aulity monster porn or S and M. Kanojo x 3 is the best one out there.

  32. Giesterfarher™ says:

    The first episode is showing unavailable for Fileserve DDL. Apparently it has been deleted. Any possibility of getting it re-uploaded?

    The quality is superb on the the other two, and I streamed the first ep, but the quality was down a bit there.