Stringendo – Ep 4

Here’s the last episode of Stringendo. They actually ran out of manga for source material, so episodes 3-4 are mostly original content.

For some reason, Kirishima now has blonde hair. Maybe she wanted to stand out, so she dyed it blonde because everyone at the school seems to be a brunette? But wait, what’s this, purple eyes? Maybe she got colored contacts. Um… anyway… They changed her character design awhile back in Stringendo & Accelerando Ultimatum: Sera.

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22 Responses to “Stringendo – Ep 4”

  1. Chaosrains says:

    Her character design DID change…

    I thought I noticed something weird.

  2. Tau says:

    Good job. Thanks!

  3. kky says:


    you intend to sub the upcoming accelerando episodes since it s related to this show?

  4. Japetus says:

    Thx for this guys! keep up the good work!

  5. Takashiro says:

    arigatou erobeat^^ you are the best!

  6. Peanut butter says:

    Good stuff!

    Thank youu!

  7. Chaosrains says:

    nwbee: The wait for Mizugi 04 will be very short. It’s at me currently for QC, which I plan to get done today (Jan 15) after I get home from classes. It should then be only about a week until it’s out, depending on how quickly ShocWave works ;D

  8. Shinobi says:

    Great thanks a lot guys, this is one of my favorite series! Even though you guys haven’t subbed the Accelerando part of the series, do you plan on subbing the new episode of Accelerando that’s coming out this month?

  9. admin says:

    No plans at the moment. I’m sure some other group will pick it up.

  10. Shinobi says:

    Thanks a lot for responding so quickly! Yeah another group will probably pick it up, but I really enjoy your subbing work. I’ve been taking Japanese classes for a few years and I much prefer your subs to other groups. Anyway, thanks a lot for another great release!

  11. YES MAN says:

    I Was just wondering will [Platinum Milky] Honoo No Harama Se Doukyuusei [Subbed] be released soon????

  12. N says:

    hey i was wondering if all your videos can be played on the psp, since its in mp4 format.

  13. zamasu says:

    please upload the series in torrent :D :D

  14. Valk says:

    was wondering when/ if you guys gonna announce which of the suggested projects you might pick up as it looks like people are just repeating the same things over and over now.

  15. pervert says:

    Where is megaupload part 2?

  16. admin says:

    I take into account the repeats to measure demand. I’ll announce something with the month is nearly over.

  17. Chaosrains says:

    @pervert: There isn’t a part 2 on megaupload. Part 2 is on depositfiles, just follow the part 2 link.

    @zamasu: I was thinking about uploading some of the series we’ve recently completed to BakaBT, but I’ll have to ask ShocWave if that’s cool. I need to get a better ratio on there =/

    @Valk: I think we’re still deciding. Kimihagu is one a couple of us were interested in, so that’s possible (not guaranteed). Right now there’s a lot to wade through, so yeah >.>

  18. Anonymous says:

    Still pissed at the lack of a Hime-Chan sex scene.

  19. stoerte says:

    kimihagu good choice

  20. PlasticYakuza says:

    All of our completed series are already on BakaBT. Somebody had Stringendo posted within an hour.

    As much as I like BakaBT(haven’t been banned since 2005!), use the ddl links if you can. They keep the translations coming in and us busy.

  21. zera says:

    1st link dead?

  22. Rawr says:

    Hope you’ll do ep 5 of this great series. Nice work.