Mizugi Kanojo – Ep 3

Almost done :)

Get it: Here

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17 Responses to “Mizugi Kanojo – Ep 3”

  1. Jokester says:

    sugoi desu….. thank you for the release

  2. yo says:

    thx guys!

  3. Ryutso says:

    This was the weirdest one I had to edit.

  4. Takashiro says:

    thanks so much for this^^

  5. foeevaddr says:

    wow episode 3 already? thank you

  6. Chaosrains says:

    Ryutso: I feel you on that one. This really was an odd episode.

    The main pic… classic.

  7. nitemaerish says:

    is the episode 4 will be the next one????

  8. kky says:

    is it possible that this series is getting a 5th episode or is 4 the end?

  9. winterfox says:

    more power erobeat!! :-bd

  10. GDB says:

    The 4th is the last one. However, another series based on Bosshi’s work is starting soon, and they may cross over a bit.

  11. AngryDemon says:

    Thank Youu!!Nice Release.Erobeat Banzaiii!!!

  12. holyshit says:

    my god, you guys are fucking incredible!

  13. Attobyte says:

    Does this episode have an encode issue around 15:13 ? I’m asking because I’m not sure if it’s really the encoding or the codecs/player I’m using CCCP(09/2009) / MPC. Thanks in advance.

  14. admin says:

    Yes, the source was slightly damaged. If I find another one before we finish episode 4, I’ll re-release it. If not, then… it’s really not that big of a deal.

    Update: I found it. For those who care about little details, a re-encode is coming before episode 4.

  15. anon says:

    This series is awesome. Sometimes it ruins my moments because I laugh >_< but still awesome.

    Plans for the other Bosshi project?