12 thoughts on “Honoo no Haramase Tenkousei – Ep 2”

  1. Awesome sub erobeat and hope yall sub the last episodeXD
    Also it would be awesome if yall considered subbing the second series of thisXD
    Just a Suggestion:D

  2. YES MAN: I’m certain we’re subbing the last episode. Can’t leave things unfinished, now can we?

    As for your suggestion, I’m not sure myself, but we have a lot of things in the pipe at the moment. I wouldn’t rule it out completely.

  3. Yeah, looks like the bandwidth got exceeded. ShocWave’s probably noticed by now, he just hasn’t bothered with fixing it yet ;D

  4. I have a question, why doesn’t anyone do uncensored?Is it the new Japanese law or something, I heard last time…

  5. No need to do uncensored. All uncensored stuff already has subtitles or dubs because it has been licensed and for sale in the USA.
    There are groups like KHmer who just take the american DVD, rip it, and upload it to the internet.

    Everything is censored in Japan by law.

  6. Well, not all. There’s a few random ones that were licensed in other countries that were never licensed in America (such as Mikagura Detective Agency).

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