7 thoughts on “No Monsters Who Live In Our Home – Ep 1 (LQ)”

  1. Hmmm, EROBEAT decide to finally do “No Monsters Who Live In Our Home” eh? I watch this over a month ago but glad they decide to finally pick it up, this is a “Murakami Teruaki” work so it can’t be anything less than amazing but don’t expect to be so hardcore like his past works, still I enjoy it very much & I can’t w8 for the 2nd episode 🙂

    Rape-fans Rejoice!

    Vanilla-fans burn & die in the blackest pit of hell for all eternity! muahahahahaha

  2. Erobeat, don’t just focus on new hentais. There are still untranslated hentais (even uncensored ones) that needs to be translated

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