What if we went legitimate?

Going legit was always a dream of mine. Although it is still a pie in the sky at the moment, I have been in talks with people over the past few months to make it a reality. This isn’t happening anytime in the near future, but I would like to see which model of media consumption you prefer. Call it market research.

The most important question is: How many of you would actually pay for this stuff?
More specifically, are you willing to show your support for the industry?

As with any digital media, piracy will always be an option.
So whether or not we go legitimate will have little effect on those who choose “No”.
I sure as hell don’t pay for everything I download, but I don’t pirate everything I download either.

If nobody wants to pay, we may have to resort to crowd funding to target certain specific series.
If those guys on Kickstarter could make a Clannad localization happen, anything is possible.

Please note that it will not be possible to have every release uncensored, as the majority of content owners are only be willing to license censored video.

Would you pay?

  • No (68%, 1,162 Votes)
  • Yes (32%, 555 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,717

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There are two possibilities: download or streaming.

Personally, I love having a collection of anime on my hard drive that I can do whatever I want with. Of course, being legitimate would mean that some form of DRM will need to be applied to keep the content owners happy. We would, however, make sure that the DRM of choice could be easy to remove with a click of a button. Perhaps there would even be a physical copy upgrade option.

Netflix and other all you can eat models have become extremely popular over the years. The downside to this is that an internet connection is required, and you will loose access once your membership expires. There is also the risk of content being blocked due to region restrictions.

Which would you prefer?

  • Pay-per-episode. Download to keep forever. (74%, 904 Votes)
  • Pay-per-month. All you can watch subscription model. (26%, 314 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,218

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Bear in mind that unlike some other people, Erobeat will never charge you money for releases unless we legally own the distribution rights. So until that day comes Even when that day comes, you can bet Team Rocket will be lurking in the shadows.

55 thoughts on “What if we went legitimate?”

  1. With internet the way it is these days, having the items stored for your own browsing is the way to go. Having to stream (when you have a weak internet) is a headache (why I had to let go NetFlix streaming).

    As far as uncensored, that’s up to the individual. I have some vids that are uncensored and some of the shots that come out I’d almost rather have censoring. Each to their own though.

    For myself, I’d pay per title. However having the proper tags (what kind of vid it is) or the ability to see selected parts is a must so I could know what I’m paying for before I buy. I don’t want to pay for something and it have say (tentacles, scat, Yaoi) etc. Not my thing.

    Team Rocket rules.

  2. Neither, personally. I’d prefer to pay for the subtitles themselves and procure the video however I may see fit, personally.

    1. An interesting proposition, however, it is not financially feasible during the early stages. It is a possibility for the future though.

  3. I don’t have a problem paying as a whole. It comes down to each release though. Interested in some, not in others. Pay for the one’s I want, and not have to maintain a subscription just to see a chain of one’s I don’t really care for come out.

    As mentioned above, detailed tags would be needed covering a slew of categories. I’m not fond of rape, ntr, mindbreak, etc.

    Last but not least, if you’re going for licensing would that mean an uncensoring option? I’m not going to pretend that the story is the main thing I’m watching for.

  4. Now that’s a tricky thread.
    On one hand I would gladly agree to the second question (pay per episode). After all that way the producers get their share and so do you. Just perfect 🙂

    On the other hand I WOULD NEVER agree to abide by a system ruled by garbage, scum actually, like DMCA, DRM, or any other descendant of one of the avatars of human depravity – SOPA, PIPA etc.
    I think anyone who picks ‘Yes’ on the first question agrees to the following:
    DMCA, DRM…: “Your A garbage Net User, I’m Commander In Chief!
    Say I Don’t Like Freedom But No One Believes Ya,
    Cause Everybody Knows I’m Squeezin Condoleezza.
    I Hit It From The Back And I Rule the Internet World,
    Now I’m squeezing your Ass For A Shitton Of Cash.
    (A changed version of the song by Nick Cannon – George Bush”)

    Not to mention the region restriction – that’s just ridiculous.

    Bottom line:
    I would gladly accept your idea but only if you become the heroes of the internet world by somehow bypassing the trash I mentioned above, making it so that you, the producers and the users get what they want (which means that you demonstrate the “Right, Straight, Middle” ninja technique every time the DRM, DMCA, wave their index finger at you).

    Best Regards

  5. Support the industry… well, the short answer would be no.

    In other words, the question is: Would I be willing to pay for DRM infested stuff, that I lately rarely bother downloading even for “free”.

    DRM is a no go for me anyway, and I don’t like the direction hentai is developing into since quite a while either, so no, I wouldn’t be willing to pay for that at all.
    That’s not directed against you or any pay model you may settle for, it’s my general opinion on the topic.

  6. If you guys follow s******-h in going “pay2pirate” I’m totally giving up on the H fansub scene.

    My answer to a generic “would you pay?” question is no. As far as “what would I pay for?” a “hentai storefront” type site like that would need to tick off most of this list:

    -100% legit (licensing arrangement with publishers, can pay for things directly using my damned mastercard)
    -HD releases (minimum 720p with a reasonable bitrate, not upscaled)
    -a proper encode (no watermarking, pref h.265 or 4 softsubs in an mkv container, willing to settle for hardsub mp4’s, ABSOLUTELY NOT the encrypted silverlight WMV’s used by DMM/R18)
    -uncensored is likely a pipe dream and I, personally, rarely care, though it certainly would be nice.

    Frankly the whole enterprise seems like a pipe dream, as the studios entire business model seems to revolve around Japanese NEETs shelling out 30 dollars for low-budget DVDs every month. The quality of H-anime in recent years is atrocious. Perhaps 1-2 titles of actual merit come out per month, if that. If they arranged a deal with an american paysite/storefront to sell the same thing, with english subs, at a competitive price, people would stop buying the dvds a few minutes after it was linked on 2ch.

    Say you compromise and work out a deal to become a legit streaming-only paysite or a DMM style storefront that sells 540p DRM’d WMVs. Porn is your job now, hooray. It’s still a situation where I’d choose having all of nothing over part of something. The status quo is honestly better than either of those options.

  7. If you follow what Project-H did in manga, you will have success, so far i spent around 300 usd with them between physical and digital stuff, and i will keep doing it as long the quality remains the same, that being said if you plan to go “legit” then consider quality your priority because like someone already commented about, some other shitty sites are doing this Pay2See with horrible slow websites, horrid payment methods, oh well i just got shivers thinking about it again.

  8. Honestly what’s up with the money grabbing attempts as of late?

    As far as Erobeat is concerned you have, at multiple times, asked for money to purchase things with no problems and still continue to generate revenue via fileshare sites and your donation link. People are willing already to give you money – as long as you deliver the product in a timely manner to a good quality (none of this “LQ” nonsense where a HQ is never released).

    That’s the difference you guys have over SDH. You actually do a good job. Their releases are mediocre at best. If you pushed out a few more releases with some decent speed you’d be receiving much more revenue than right now, as I’m sure you know, so I don’t really see the need for a mandatory subscription. The problem is that they put out releases at a regular basis, every single month. The last release for Erobeat was 2 months ago and it was a single episode.

    I know you’re busy with other commitments but with a faster release schedule you’d be getting more hits, more revenue, more donations. Nobody WANTS to use them but there’s little other choice. And with them going maximum jew the time is perfect for someone to steal their ‘customers’.

    Either way I’d personally never purchase into such a plan myself. I already go to the source to support the industry. However if this shit does go through then stick with actually providing a download but the DRM would need to go. There’s a reason everyone hates it.

    1. We don’t really generate any revenue. I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of banner ads or popup windows.

      Everything generated in the cashlinks gets funneled back into the machine, like clockwork going around and around. The only time we’ve asked for donations were to fund very specific releases. Normally, we’d be lucky to get more than 5 donations in a single year. I’ve said it many times: Erobeat does not need your money to survive. Donations are purely optional out of the goodness of your own heart.

      This is more about legitimizing.

  9. You have something there as you can follow DMM/R18 model. The thing is R18 sells mostly JAV live action and even DMM really only sells physical and not Digital versions.

  10. I would like to see a site where we can buy and download/stream hentai, legally.

    I would like it so you can buy a title and be able to download that title when ever you need too, just login to your account and download what you want (from what you previously bought).

    And the stream part is if you have a subscription, then you can watch all titles, but download just what you paid to download.

    But if you can’t get new uncensored stuff then this will suck.

    One question i have is IF you manage to achieve this, how will you look at people pirating your stuff? Will you send out dmca takedown requests and such?

  11. “Bear in mind that unlike some other people, Erobeat will never charge you money for releases unless we legally own the distribution rights”

    You Subdesu right?

    I like the option to have the actual episode available for keeps (stuff that Fakku does) free streams but certain titles available for buy to own.

  12. Personally if there had to be a compromise I would love a Crunchyroll style website for Hentai and H-Manga. Heck even something like Subdesu-H is doing but with the consent to legally distribute and stream said videos.

    I do find it rather horrible that Subdesu-H is even charging for things at this point. Whether they want to really go legit or not doesn’t give them the right to charge for services that they, themselves, haven’t got permission to do so.

    Sorry I am one of those plebs that doesn’t have the money to spare, hence why I would love a Crunchyroll like website.

  13. Yes, I’d pay, but for quality and if that’s legal.
    I pay for games once (Steam model), so same for hentais, i don’t wanna pay every month. I’d love to have a hentai video library which i can see and download anytime i want to.
    In addition, it would be interesting if you manage to get uncensored releases, if you do i’m in unless it’s expensive.

    And please, don’t became Subdesu, take videos illegally but want us to pay ‘legally’.

  14. If you can tell me it’s possible for you to release The Kuroinu series uncensored somehow, I’d give you direct access to my bank account.

    Speaking on distribution rights, doesn’t subdesu already have them? Will the creators working with desu also work with you? I may be misunderstanding things but enlighten me here.

    Hopefully things work out for ya. Hentai deserves better.

    1. >Speaking on distribution rights, doesn’t subdesu already have them? Will the creators working with desu also work with you?

      No, they themselves have stated they haven’t even approached a publisher yet. At the moment their site is pay 2 pirate.

  15. So you guys want to go legit. That’s great!

    Personally, I’m of the belief that if you provide a desired product at a reasonable price in an accessible or convenient package, people will prefer to legally pay for the product than pirate it outright.

    I’m not a fan of pirating media. Erotic material is the only media I pirate. All other media has legal alternatives (or at least competition that’s legal) that fulfill the three criteria above. But due to the private nature of erotic material, I insist on my payment being private as well. This typically results in the third criterion being unsatisfied.

    I’m old-school cool. All this stuff about bitcoin and skrill is foreign to me and inconvenient. I would be fine with a brick and mortar store I could walk in to, hand over cash, and walk out with a product. Unfortunately, such stores don’t typically have much in the way of the first criterion: a desired product (which this site caters to).

    So we’re stuck with a dilemma. Here we have a product that I am willing to pay for, but I have no means of payment that’s convenient. I’m not sure what the appropriate solution is. I just thought I would give you my purchasing rationale.

    At any rate. I hope you guys keep producing quality work!

  16. would i pay for it? no
    im watching porn, i dont really need to know what people are saying. would be nice to know but i dont really care.

  17. Then I would move on. What I want to know is what is sparking this sudden “lets go legit” bs from subdesuH and you guys.
    Is it money problems?

    Is “cool japan” and/or that anti piracy mission japan started in august 2014 starting to get serious with legal threats?

    Did you guys discover the draconian IP parts of the trans pacific partnership a few months ago?

    Are you trying to follow the steps of hentaimovieplanet?

    Do you just want to get paid?

    Or is it some or all the above?

  18. Pay per episode. With non-h media a flat, Netflix-like rate might be better, but with this sort of thing we tend to know what we want (and all the moreso if you’re legit, because then you can start putting descriptions and junk in with the episodes so we know what we’re getting, without the troubles that prevent you from doing so now). The dynamic is different if you’re just looking for something to get off.

    McFakerton has a good point as well: the old localizations were valuable because they came with de-censoring. Any above-board releases from you guys should include de-censoring.

  19. I don’t mind to pay as long as it’s a simple way.. you know i don’t have a credit card.. so if you can add more another payment method like using mol-points.. that’d be great..

    1. I forgot to said that, although i don’t mind to pay but i hope this site still the same like this as always.. no need for change like S**D**U. How this site works right now is the best and i hope there is no change at all.

  20. I might pay for individual episodes that I can download. I hate subscriptions since a lot of times there’s nothing good coming out for months so keeping up a subscription feels pointless during that time. Subscription with downloads ala Doujin-Moe is acceptable but again rarely provides enough incentive to keep up the payment each month.

    I loathe streaming, especially streaming porn and will never pay for that crap.

  21. I dont mind paying, but only and absolutely IF I can download the episode, if all I can do is streaming like SDH then you can forget about the money, and I’m sure most people agree with me.

  22. Well I think your ambitions are good and have good potential, the problem to start something like what you are aiming now, is that you need a faithful audience(probably why you are doing this “market research”) so that you don’t get “screwed” in the end.
    The thing is that a person trust is more easily swayed by actions rather than words, at least in the internet. So if you could give a “taste” of what you are aiming, like… you getting a censored major hentai title, uncensored in your hands, acquired by your effort. If you did the surveys after that I assure you, you would have a big amount of users saying “yes”(to pay for the titles),supporting you till the end. Of course it’s more easy said than done…

  23. So what happen & you start thinking about going legitimate do you want to kill this site also? almost every one stop going at subdesu-h after their streamingOnly-fiasko-bullshit thing & now same shit happen here? did any one threaten you & if they did why the majority of people who get some threats succumb in the end & do whatever they tell them? can’t you just keep doing what you are doing all this years from time to time for the fans who follow you all those years? if you start putting pay-walls around people will abandon this site also & we will all w8 at Sukebei.nyaa to download your stuff along with subdesu-h & in the end both sites will die & no one will keep coming here anymore, anyway it’s up to you in the end we will always have the option to get the pirated version anyway no one can stop the free sharing of content biggest Movie/Music/Game/Anime companies try to do that for more than 15 years now, guess what every one have failed & something last, The Pirate Bay will never die suck it mothafuckers, THE END.

    1. There are many fansubbers who have gone to work in the industry, but still contribute to the community. That goal is to give you an option to purchase your favourite series if you choose to do so.

      Fansubbing will always be around. With or without us.
      It is impossible to license every series. If we do produce fansubs without licensing rights in the future, we don’t charge for them. Though we might not be able to release them on this website, you should still be able to find them easily for free on the internet.

  24. Paying for normal anime? Sure.
    Hentai? Not so sure. Even worse than porn I wouldn’t want others to somehow find out what I spent money for.
    And if I did, then it would need to be officially licensed and uncensored.
    That’s how I see it.

  25. Not you guys too, first subdesu-h, then steam started charging money for skyrim mods, and now this… The “free” internet is going down the crapper these days with all these greedy people…

    If you’re going to this at least let old releases be free for download, for example when a release is x months old, release it for free…

  26. The reason I pirate in the first place is that I don’t have to pay.

    Don’t get me wrong: it’s not that I don’t want to pay. It’s that I cannot pay. Most people asking to get paid are paid in US dollars. I don’t have that currency(>inb4thirdworldLOL) and its too costly(yes, costly) to even try to have any amount of cash I have converted. Not to mention I have no time to open a dollar account(because of work) and there are no online services like that.

    So if I can actually pay you in my native currency then I cannot pay you at all.

    And if I cannot have your translations without paying you then I’d have to say goodbye to you too just as I did with Subdesu H.

    I’d be far cheaper for me if I just save my cash, learn Japanese then download hikiko123’s ultraslow RAWs in Nyaa than pay a sub.

  27. I personally would not pay, I love this site and all but paying for porno is not something I will ever do. I appreciate what you guys do but I will go elsewhere if you decide to go with a pay model, it will be sad because I’ve been using this site for years but I will not hesitate to move on.

  28. the Consensus seems to be a steam model…able to download the videos and stream them as well

    and uncensored…of course we all know thats basically impossible…japan doesn’t do uncensored hentai anymore…..and they aren’t gonna uncensored old shows just for one legal site……and sadly I don’t think there is enough pedo perverts who will pay for there loli’s

  29. btw to anyone mad at sd-h for doing streaming…its actually a good thing…they put out more videos…and other people rip them….you still get your porn for free ..and subdesu gets paid

    Im kinda the one who originally gave them the idea

  30. my 2 cent:
    i could be willing to pay only for the download metod, i’m not paying for something i can not have stored and saved on my end and as mentioned in this case i would like a really detailed tag sistem and possibly a synopsis of the anime too, i would hate to pay something just to discover is a ntr/rape/mindf*ck thing wich i hate just to delete it right away

  31. I’ll “PAY” IF

    > theres a library which i pay that can i download anytime
    (include the subtitle only download) if alreay paid that is
    >high quality image

    thats all im asking

  32. Web developer here.

    If you were to go legit, which if anything similar to proper licensing experience I have seen it is less than likely will come from H content. This is with the exception that you have exceedingly high traffic where it might be feasible but over a great deal of time and funding. Licensing is a big hurdle to get over when trying to bring content to a new sector. The reason Sekai project is able to do so is because of crowdfunding and also the content they provide is a bit more extensive than 15-30minutes of adult content. To start off you would need to rebuild the site from ground up, something outside of a WP theme, have reliable CDN, proper user security, and full time staff to handle issues both technical and customer related.

    I post this because I do not want to see another SubDesuH in the making. It really hard to believe they are attempting to get licensing when their site is horribly optimized for streaming content or visitation. Excessive plugins that are not fluid with the entire stack makes the user experience cringing. However they are successful in generating revenue from the fact they already had strong traffic. Being one of the more active H subs they already have a fanbase on top of quantity releases gives them the edge over competition for the moment. If you have a better site and can offer timely releases I am sure it will work, but in this scenario I would wait to have a full game plan before taking the dive.

  33. I think you have a real market in your hands. Animated hentai has plenty of fans. What’s missing is a business model fit for the digital age. The content itself will always be easy to pirate, which creates a real challenge. What you need is maximum exposure to discover that small crowd of profitable hardcore users.

    Crowdfunding is certainly an option. However, if instead you want to use old business models like PPV and monthly subs, you will have to, in my opinion, build the business on two things:

    1) Super slick website that’s comfortable to use + mobile friendly.
    2) Social features that make self-promotion easy for content creators like myself. I promise you, people like that will certainly pay for access, and they’ll bring their fans to your site in their wake.
    3) Additional benefits to fans, like discounts to venerable e-shops selling products for anime fans, ie. J-List, Rightstuf, Mangagamer.

    Personally, I would hope that your organization would start using popular social media platforms, like Twitter and Tumblr. You need to make people give a shit about you as people so they’ll be willing to part from their money. Brand is everything today.

  34. I would be up for kickstarter or pay per episode. I would be fine with this but only if it interested me (aka some good animations) i would rather pay than deal with the download sites.

    The bottom line is if you can make it more convenient for us than the convenience of pirating, aka if you can make it easier so long as we pay, then it’s good. I’m fine with paying money per episode as long as it’s easy to get them and watch them after. If i have to jump through hoops and hoops then there is little point for me to turn away from pirating other than conscience. And let’s be honest…we have none.

  35. Honestly, I would not pay for digital hentai. Buying physical dvd/bluray/manga hentai is a different matter.

    But I am not against you guys going legit and getting proper licenses and whatnot. Erobeat’s always done good by the community and if you wanted to go straight and narrow, I think you deserve to make that decision yourself.

    You have my moral support. Just not monetary.

    P.S. – I do wish you guys offered alternative ddl options since the ones you regularly use don’t support download managers too well or have download limits. But that’s a story for another day.

  36. As one who has experience in this endeavor… Something of note.

    We thought we could make money on these stuff using the Internet. But while the Internet is new and exciting for creative people, it hasn’t matured as a distribution mechanism to the extent that one should trade real and immediate opportunities for income for the promise of future online revenue. It will be a few years before digital distribution of media on the Internet can be monetized to an extent that necessitates content producers to forgo their fair value in more traditional media.

    Hoping that you find this somewhat helpful.

    Good Fortune…

  37. I’ve always thought: How is it that no one is taking the Crunchyroll-like approach to distribution of Hentai? I would certainly support that.
    But… only in the case that it brings the uncensored ones back.
    Especially animes from PoRO. Would love to see one of those in full glory.

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