25 thoughts on “Oni Chichi 2: Harvest – Ep 1 (LQ)”

  1. I want to ask if this line here is right:

    “We’ll being Dad back to normal.”

    English is not my native language but I have study English for many years & this line here doesn’t make any sense to me.

    1. I remember you guys talking about LQ releases and how you’re not going to check them or anything.
      However, you have never actually released any HQ versions of the said shows.

      What’s the point of marking it “LQ” if you’re not gonna make HQ.

      Is it just because you don’t wanna bother doing it?

      I say do it right or don’t do it at all.

  2. well i enjoyed it myself and hopefully the dad might go after Akira Fuyu or natsume depending on how haruka say she wanted to tame and keep her fathers penis inside her all the time and once haruka haven’t kissed him strange don’t you think?

  3. erobeat isn’t dead..they just go into hibernation for a few months at a time…sometimes
    next release will probably be in april..hopefully at the start of the month

      1. But DXD isn’t hentai, so they could still sub it under their normal animefansub label, though it doesn’t matter since I am sure someone else will sub it as well.

  4. Just noticed that the new Fukubiki! Triangle episode has Airi in it (over the phone). So this basically makes this part of the Oni Chichi universe, so I hope that you guys will sub it! 🙂

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