12 thoughts on “Oni Chichi Rebuild – Ep 3 (LQ)”

  1. anyone else having trouble downloading from OBOOM? Can’t seem to close the add that pops up blocking the download button.

  2. I download & watch this in RAW form 3 weeks ago it was impossible to w8 as I love Oni Chichi & translation of new hentai take ages most of the times like in this case here, it would be nice if there was a program from subbers a schedule were they choose the most popular hentai & sub them as soon as possible when they come out, there is countless others I have watch in RAW form months ago good ones & no one sub them yet, anyway thx for sub.

  3. I discover lot’s of bad translation mistakes on this release at least 4-5 & to be honest I didn’t expect something like that from EROBEAT usually u r doing gr8 job so I wonder what was the reason of this sloppy work u did this time.

  4. I hope not. We need some more Yuka action, now that she lives with them. I don’t even understand why she does, but whatever. 😀

  5. Something like Yuka getting attacked by the ex-boyfriend and the mother wanting to help her, I think. I can’t really find anything on the net about a sequel to this. Really hope its not the last episode though.

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