14 thoughts on “Boy Meets Harem – Ep 1 (LQ)”

  1. Just wondering, but is the “[LQ]” part of the “Title” in reference to Video Quality or is it in reference to Translation quality or something else entirely?

    I’m just wondering since the Video Quality doesn’t seem to be bad or anything & your Translations seem to be pretty good as well.

      1. Ok cool, thx for the reply,

        Since I now know what it means, I’m just wondering when you guys do that sort of thing? Do you do it at specific times or something?

        thx again

          1. Ok that’s cool,

            I don’t really even mind if you do it at all,

            I was just curious whether you did it at certain times or if it was like you said, “needing enough time and staff to do it”

            So thanks for your reply’s, keep up the good work

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