13 thoughts on “Oni Chichi Rebuild – Ep 2 (LQ)”

  1. this made me happy. im annoyed that the mother still doesnt know but i hope they do another spinoff where they go to the hot springs or some shit.
    or i wish they do another oni chichi 2 thing. they kinda ended that too soon

  2. Oni Chichi is entirely confusing but I like the art style nonetheless. Can’t wait for them to move onto another series. Thanks for the translations.

  3. Favorite h series, thanks for subbing it.
    Wish the scene with the new girl would have been longer.
    Hoping for a new one OVA series with some Airi in hot lingerie.

  4. Thanks, been patiently waiting for this one. Was curious about the script towards the end. Only cons for me is that Marinas scenes are a bit short (even though she is the episode’s focus) and the whole anticlimactic fade to white thing they often do in the end.

  5. There were quite a few typos/missed words, More than usual. Maybe I’ll write them down in case you’re interested of doing a v2.

    1. No need. LQ releases are not checked for spelling or grammar.
      If you want a proper release, you’ll have to wait until next year at the earliest.

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