16 thoughts on “Futabu! – Ep 2 (LQ)”

  1. YOU GUYS ARE GODS!!!! GODS I TELL UZ!!!! Thank you so much for everything u’ve guys have done so far. I hope u know how much every release u do means to people like me. I dl from both file and upload to support. One dy maybe money as well. U guyz RULE!!! 😀

  2. What a letdown. The dark haired girls tan lines and the stomach stretching. Why do most hentai’s get one good episode then just make a complete mess of the rest. Set up the plot, give your characters a good girl/boy or whatever scene and end with a gang bang how hard is that?

      1. Are there some guys on the manga?
        Btw, episode 02 was less good, sometimes excessive, but it’s hentai.

  3. I hear a lot that some things are excessive (like stomach stretching and more) but believe me they are not. These are for people who have enough experience on hentai that need something more than normal to get satisfied. On my first days of hentai i was disgusted by futa, excessive cum and more but right now i need something more. By the way, thanks for everything erobeat you guys are ewsome.

    1. Both of the links for part 2 are the same, and upload.net (part 2) says “The free download is currently not available – Please try again later!”

  4. Good job with everything erobeat.
    If i may ask, is there a chance you will pick up and release Anata Dake Konbanwa uncensored? Somewhere in the future

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