13 thoughts on “Imako System – Ep 1 (LQ)”

    1. Just his imagination. Unless im proven otherwise in the secound episode.
      Would be sad to see such cute animation go for NTR.

  1. Yeah, that confused me as well.

    I was so interested in this because that girl is too cute I went and researched.
    Turns out it’s based on a manga(as usual).
    The interesting thing is that this episode adapted the first chapter of said manga and the LAST chapter(or at least, one of the later ones) for some reason.
    Because it’s not completely translated, it’s hard to say, but apparently the 2nd half of this episode was the result of the MC’s imagination after (apparently) taking some drug that made me hallucinate and imagine alot of things.

    1. I checked the manga too. I was unable to find english version. SO i have no no idea what happened in the middle of the manga. But apparantly there were some rape scenes, i think, but not sure whether is imaginary or real, normal or NTR. but there are these scenes definately. So, can anyone explain the story here, if anyone can.

  2. Hey, can you explain it in a summary way. I mean what just happened exactly? Whats makes it an NTR, did she gave in to those guys before getting saved?

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