14 thoughts on “Futabu! – Ep 1 (LQ)”

    1. It’s not part of the episode.
      Someone accidently added parts of the DVD menu complete with navigational buttons into a RAW found on the internet. Lots of shows have stuff like this in the DVD extras, but we never translate them.

  1. This is the best. WE NEED MORE!!! Also, that 7 minute intro was just GARBAGE. Tired of wasting time like that. Should’ve gone straight to the damn show. anyway, Thanks and hope more Futa and epis are on their way. MORE FUTA!!!!! 😀

  2. This needs uncensored so bad… Not just because its good but also because those big damned pixeled dicks are blocking the screen!

  3. Was I the only one that was underwhelmed by this? I mean I know they can only fit so many chapters into an episode. But when this was first announced I was so very excited. Then when I watched it I barely got any enjoyment out of it. I love Futa a lot, so this really disappointed me.

  4. I happen to agree with Hito. I love futa. I love Bosshi. I loved Futabu the manga. Futabu the anime fell short. They diced the manga up, took out the plot line and spit out this pile of mediocrity. It was enjoyable to see Bosshi animated, but that was it for me.

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