12 thoughts on “Chijoku Kankin”

  1. well I don’t have it…but by the looks of it..its on winny as
    (DVDISO)(18禁アニメ) 恥辱監禁~堕ちた天使たち~.ISO 3,186,552,832 4aba68051f41ec43a8ee68e071dbe1aa88cfada0

    look for “恥辱監禁 ~堕ちた天使たち~ dvdiso” on google….might have some more luck…I didn’t really have time to do a detailed search

  2. hi.. i just wanted to know why erobeat stopped making torrents for releases… if anyone can just tell me the reason that would be great thanks

    1. Torrents do not pay the bills. Please support us by not using torrents, and use the links provided on the website.

      1. will do…. thanks…. would it be possible to get like a page which has all the non-torrent releases in a list…. just a list of the names and date would be great……i’m having trouble keeping track of all of them and their links from page to page……. thank you for many many years of joy

        1. on second thought….. nvm… you guys do enough…. i’ll put in the effort to do it myself…. you can scratch that…. and thank you again all the hard work

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