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I’ve heard numerous complaints about how crappy filehosts just don’t work well for those living outside of Europe and North America. How many of you would donate $10-15 for 1 year of dedicated access to “all” our releases? It is much cheaper than paying for ripoff premium accounts.

In order for this to work, I’d need to pay for a server with enough capacity and bandwidth to handle all our releases, plus generate enough revenue to pay our staff in place of using filehosts. I estimate that I need a minimum of 100 committed fans to make this work. Leave a comment and fill in your e-mail address if you are interested. Don’t worry about spam, your e-mail address is not publicly viewable.

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  1. This normally wouldn’t be such a horrible idea but you guys don’t have releases often enough to justify me paying for anything. I know you aren’t really here to listen to suggestions but seriously, there are other subbing sites that manage without charging so you should seriously take a look into their models and see what they are doing right. I hope you guys get it figured out, (also if you release more often people will be more likely to donate, me included.)

  2. Mmm, last real release last from April 14th (the most recent was uncensored re-releases)so… I think is bad idea to pay for private access. No work, no earnings.

  3. I agree with Ken. I understand that those of you at EROBEAT have lives other than encoding hentai, and hopefully your fans do. But you guys aren’t putting much effort into releasing your work quickly (and contrary to what you may believe, releasing quickly is as important as the integrity of your work.) You guys are falling way behind the trends that other release groups have set. I mean, there’s stuff on your projects list I’m not sure that you guys even know you’ll be able to complete. You guys have done nothing short of stellar work in the past. But I think most would find it hard to justify donating an amount, even as small as $15, to a group who’s as scarce and unpredictable as you guys.
    And to be bluntly honest, there are better groups to donate money. Particularly, subdesu-H. They’ve become better at doing this, than you guys. They release almost as soon as the raws come out;. The DVD rips follow soon after; Their subs have gotten much better; they release through torrent and 3 ddl hosts; they’ve released more in a year, then you guys have since your inception; the file sizes have shrunk; and they’ve done all this while fansubbing regular anime and translating manga. EROBEAT, you guys were great while you lasted, but the new boys on the block have any faith there is in your group. Sorry, if this sounds harsh, it isn’t my intention.

  4. This sound better than a “premium” account on file sharing servers that could still go down anytime… I’m in!

  5. is this a joker thread ?…cant beleive with erobeat wanna more money when they release only 1 or nothing ever month…ahh need to pay staff ?,fired them,then you save a lots money,they drink too much coffee and lazy.i just lost my trust to erobeat after read this thread.sorry.

  6. I think we need some promises before we’re willing to do it.
    If you are willing to show some promises , i am more than willing to support you guys by donating more than $15 as well.

  7. As some of the others said, I would be willing to join and pay. I was part of a free site but the downloader got the money. The free site went down but I still got charged by the downloader (until I finally was able to contact them). If you put out more movies (not manga like others do as well as movies) I would be more than willing to help out.

  8. to any jerks on here who are bitching about slowness or having to pay..and saying just use torrents…
    1..torrents doesn’t make the group any money..and probably costs them to seed it
    2…erobeat has always paided its TL…voldermort is a professional TL..y erobeats tl was always better then subdesu..infact subdesu now also pays its TL’ translators wanna sub hentai…in case u hadn’t noticed…before erobeat came about…we were luck if a group did 1 ep of a old release in a can look at anidb timeline on releases to sorta see this
    3…erobeat use to pay its TL’s with the money it made from fileserve..but that died..and its unlikely another service like it will pop up any time soon

    1. Point 1: It’s true that torrents do not bring any revenue for files downloaded to EROBEAT, and obviously the server they purchased costs them money.
      Point 2: I doubt, though I’m not sure, that EROBEAT has “always” paid their translators, as 7 years ago, they offered material through torrents exclusively (in .mkv containers.)
      -Arouund that time, there were other groups like HEroAP and combined ventures of HR & HS (hentai-reactor and hentai society respectively) that would sub hentai. They released more frequently than EROBEAT at the time since all EROBEAT had under its belt were a couple episodes of Shin Bible Black (including Only Imari), 1 episode of Stringendo, Angel Blade Punish, Hininden Gausu, and Iyashite Agerun Saiyuki.
      -Besides, at that time, uncensored hentai was released frequently, so KH (KHmer) was pretty much the top dog when it came to subbed hentai releases. And KH released exclusively through torrent.

      Point 3: No one here is criticizing EROBEAT’s work. We all pretty much agree that that they do amazing work, encoding and subbing hentai. The only gripe I’ve ever seen anyone put out there is how often they release. And, yes, that is very important, too. This past week was pretty good, considering, and people would complain less if this trend was more persisting. But we all know that this a rare release schedule for EROBEAT.

      Why do we have the right to complain? It’s true that we are getting these releases at no monetary costs, but EROBEAT doesn’t receive any revenue unless [we] download files from the sites through which they are hosted. So it’s pointless to diminish the role, “the downloaders,” play in EROBEAT’s releases.

      SubDESU-H does better because they don’t restrict. They offer torrents, and 3 ddl hosts. They offer more options to the downloader. So in addition to the frequent releases and project requests, downloaders feel more inclined to donate and participate in the SubDESU-H. There’s always a disconnect between the donwloaders and EROBEAT. It’s always “download through these terrible direct download sites and appreciate that we don’t charge for our releases.”

  9. I would pay if you guys churned out stuff as fast as Subdesu-H. At the rate you’re going right now, a couple titles a month, its not really worth it.

  10. well i don’t really think they’re slow. Last christmas they released like 12 vids in 1-2 months, that made up for an entire year.

    But then again, people are very forgetful

    1. We all remember the Christmas releases and they were great. However 12 in two months come out to a little less than 2 releases a week. Other subbing communities keep up with that pace year round. When erobeat releases its good but they are inconsistent and will go a month or two with no releases.

      1. actually, erobeat puts out the 2nd most for H anime subbers. 1st place is obviously subs desu H, but for now lets ignore subs desu H and focus on the others: Fakku — a bit slower than erobeat, once every 3-4 months. UFW — been about a year since their last H anime release. Anim8s — about 1 per month, but its nullified since subs desu releases the exact same thing. I don’t know any other H subbers (english) out there.

  11. Well let’s remember that EROBEAT, last Christmas, only released up to Day 6 of their 12 days of Christmas promotion. That was over a span of 13 days, so the purpose was ultimately defeated. I wouldn’t liken it to a “trend,” since its success occurred only once, when it was started the year before. Fakku’s primary function is translating and hosting hentai manga, so it’s not like they’re depriving their fans of hentai, when they don’t release videos. The same is true for UFW (though they are not as quick and efficient as Fakku.)

    Anim8s is a group that started doing work 4 months ago so it’s too soon to make any substantial conclusions about their release habits (by the way they’ve release 2 titles a month since their inception.)

    Answer me this: would any of you be as “patient” with EROBEAT’s release schedule, if SubDESU-H wasn’t around to pick up the slack?

  12. Its not that we aren’t patient with it, we are just saying that paying a fee wouldn’t justify it. I don’t have any problem with erobeat and when they release its cool. I download and enjoy. The entire argument of the releases not being fast enough is just in relation to the idea of paying for this service. If any other subbing group were asking about the possibility of having their downloaders chip in for a dedicated server I probably wouldn’t consider it with them either (unless it was subdesu, since they keep up a pretty fast release schedule.) So please don’t take this as us trying to say there is something wrong with erobeat cause I don’t believe there is. I just don’t see it being good enough to pay for right now.

    1. That’s why I posed it as a question, and not assert it as a fact. I, personally have a few gripes with how often they release, but it isn’t anything to lose sleep over. And let’s admit, a lot of that sentiment is brought on by the fact that SD-H releases quickly. So if EROBEAT releases every month or two, it’s not that bad since SD-H makes a couple of releases a week.

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with EROBEAT’s work. I share your opinion that their current release schedule doesn’t justify money paid towards a private server. Let’s just say I’ve become too eager in being overly critical. Sorry, EROBEAT. You guys don’t deserve that.

  13. I’m pledging at least $20 if we could direct download your releases, including old ones, they’re a gem and very difficult to find nowadays!

  14. 15 $ WOULD BE GOOD,


    Sharebeast (2ND BEST ONE SO FAR)

    GameFront (BEST ONE SO FAR)





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