Angel Blade Ultimate Edition – Extra Scene

Here’s an x264 version of the extra scene from Angel Blade Ultimate Edition. You can toss away the Xvid version from 5 years ago if you still have it.

Get it: Here

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20 Responses to “Angel Blade Ultimate Edition – Extra Scene”

  1. Metty says:

    3 episodes in three days
    *raises glass*
    Here’s to 4 in 4

  2. Ogodei says:

    Huh, i’m pretty sure i do have you guys’ Xvid version of that lying around somewhere

  3. Japetus says:

    Thx guys! i was hoping for this :)

  4. yollo says:

    only censored version of it ?

    • BluMeino says:

      Yes, it is only censored and no uncensored version exists. It was never included with the licenses when Angel Blade Punish was licensed by Kitty Media. And Critical Mass holds the license to the first OVA series.

      Needless to say, hentai licensees are rather incompetent compared to normal anime licensees.

  5. GodZoidberg says:

    Erobeat is the erobest.

  6. Moose says:

    Heh I actually do have that xvid…

  7. Chaosmage27 says:

    I was wondering does anyone have the actually umd for the psp?

  8. Imiseetet says:

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  9. Franky says:

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  12. Joryk says:

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  14. MMMko says:

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