Kimi no Na wo Yobeba – Ep 1

Okay, I’m back from vacation. Here’s Episode 1 of Kimi no Na wo Yobeba. The translation was kindly provided by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. I’m not sure when we’ll get a translation for episode 2, but he has mentioned that he’d get around to it eventually. Expect more stuff within the coming weeks.

Get it: Here

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9 Responses to “Kimi no Na wo Yobeba – Ep 1”

  1. shihouin says:

    thank you!!! keep em coming^_^

  2. mike says:

    Thx for the release

  3. coral422 says:

    suzuki mirano works are the best! thanks!

  4. bonta-kun says:

    that’s great :)

  5. tf says:


    can’t unpack the rar. didn’t work

  6. Jokester says:

    really love it!! thank you

  7. Akutsu says:

    >can’t unpack the rar.
    > didn’t work

    BT or jDownloader?

  8. sss says:

    Ma’e it cleả pleae!

  9. sss says:

    I think it’ CENSORED, cauze all about yo posted like that, lozl.

    I’m leaving. BYE GUY.