Shin Kyouhaku 2 – Ep 1

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24 Responses to “Shin Kyouhaku 2 – Ep 1”

  1. moods02 says:

    I had almost given up on this one, I never expected it.

  2. hotaku says:

    This hentai have a nice BG sound ^c^
    Nice release !

  3. GodZoidberg says:


    Thank you SO much!

  4. wsx says:

    very nice release

  5. Ero-Guy says:

    Is this related to “Blackmail”? Like isn’t this Blackmail 3?

  6. Mindflayer says:


  7. Kuroneko says:

    Wow. I thought this would never be released! Waited years for this one

    Thank you!

  8. Bloodios says:

    Yes! Goddamnit! YES!!!
    Thank you EROBEAT! God bless (blesses?) you! You are going to live a long, happy life.

  9. Japetus says:

    hm not seen this i will give it a try.

  10. Metty says:

    this looks good

  11. Akechi says:

    just a curiosity…
    did u friends with other sites? I happen to saw your work on a h-manga site (biri-biri)….

    • Chaosrains says:

      We joint with biribiri on some projects. He handles the translation, and we do the rest ^__^

  12. Khilandros says:

    Great series, Thanks guys :)

  13. tinypenorman says:

    woot woot! You guys already put out more than enough for the year!

  14. Tim says:

    thx again for one more gr8 release! the show was very good not as good as Oni Chichi but much better than many other shows I have see the past months, keep up the good work!

  15. Dago says:

    I was waiting for this one to be subbed for a long time.
    Thank you for subbing it

  16. Zippy says:

    Awesome, been waiting for someone to pick this up. Well mostly for ep 2 since Sling released ep 1 a long time ago but never did the 2nd.

  17. weh says:

    I hope episode 2 will be release also.. hehhe

  18. Gib says:

    Woop, oddly this character destroyed my soul, couldn’t bear to watch it. Excellent release though.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Is the mom nude anywhere? Some other video?

  20. IraffIruse says:

    Lame, censored way too much not even worth it.

  21. IraffIruse says:

    No… I’m wrong, it was worth it, every bit. Would of been tenfold better without the censor.

  22. Redninjazero says:

    I loved this swords

  23. raigo says:

    amazing ty