Bakunyuu Maid Gari – Ep 1

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30 Responses to “Bakunyuu Maid Gari – Ep 1”

  1. Random guy says:

    Not that I’m going to fap to this, thanks for the release amidst these hard times with fansub drama going on and whatnot,

    • Ero-Guy says:

      I do believe “That Group” is trying to intensify the drama though. They are fueling hate in their website’s comment sections. I don’t see why they’re acting like this. It’s like getting mad to others that you lied to them after agreeing with each other.

      I can see why some people may dislike Erobeat or “That Group” though.

      “~Why are you only subbing episode 2?~ –> Because they’re slow.(smugly or humbly said)” would be their answer. They forget that there is more effort on Erobeat’s & JPzRecord’s releases :) so it’s best if everyone just forgot about this dorama.

      I dislike seeing a group skip on previous episodes, so Erobeat for me <3

      Also that wave. Prays for victims.

      • olboiye says:

        Ah, drama.

        I don’t know if “that group” is fueling the hate purposely of their own volition. I happen to like “that group” btw, and I don’t think they’re doing anything wrong (unless directing traffic to Erobeat’s earlier eps is wrong, but it seems more like free publicity). Erobeat’s doing a similar thing by not skipping on releases and subbing the entire series (ex. Accelerando), and I certainly don’t think they’re wrong for doing so. I prefer Erobeat’s releases because of quality, but I didn’t want to wait for the latter eps either, and I jumped on the eps almost immediately. Why can’t we have both, our cake, and eating of said cake, too?

        • Ero-Guy says:

          Well said. It’s all preference in the end. The increased competition might encourage both groups to step things up.

          • admin says:

            There’s really nothing to “step up”. A few of the more important staff members (including me), started school in September. I’m studying at the library every day until 9:00pm. I don’t even have time to watch anime anymore. The reason why you see such a delay on some of the newer episodes released after July 2010, is that we haven’t really had the time to work on them. Everything that we released the past 6 months were projects that begin before the summer. There is a long queue, however, I hope to be caught up again in a few months, when summer starts again.

          • ad12jdfas says:

            @admin Good to hear. Thanks for all the hard work during 2010 and all the best for 2011.

  2. memaverick says:

    Thanks for the release but sadly, Ican’t download from your direct download links. Is it possible for you to give a date for your batch torrent release (including Accelerando, Immoral and Man’in Densha)?

  3. dawz says:

    ewwww, disappointment. so many other series but it had to be this one… the character design is so freakin ugly.

  4. Japetus says:

    This came as a suprise but a good surprise thank you guys :)

  5. Endu says:

    One of my prayers have been answered. Thank you very much.

  6. Yoda says:

    Yes!!!! “and boom goes the dynamite”

  7. tinypenorman says:

    woot thanks!

    p.s. there is no drama in ‘that group’ lol. Only 3 idiots out of a few hundred complaining like they own the place.

  8. Rad says:

    Thanks erobeat. Oh, a stupid question but, is this Mogudan?

  9. shocker99 says:

    I have been waiting a long time for this series. thanks

  10. GodZoidberg says:


  11. Omega999 says:

    For RAD this H-anime is related of two small Doujin of Mogudan :

    Bakunyuu Maid Kari Zenpen.
    Bakunyuu Maid Kari Kouhen.

    Difficult to copy the style of Mogudan in a Anime eh. I prefere the Doujin.

    And thanks for this release Erobeat you are the best.

  12. Dago says:

    Thanks for the release.
    I´ve been waiting for this one to be subbed.

  13. kkhouse says:

    Thanks, this is amzing!!

    But, where is Nice Boat Ep 4?

  14. Ogodei says:

    Anything with “Bakunyuu” in the title has my attention, certainly

  15. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  16. Guest says:

    Thank you, found the raws to this and was watching it just yesterday and thought heavily if it was done by anybody after seeing some false claims of it on google, all raw still. Then I came to recommend it and you kind of read my mind. WOW! I was surprised when I saw it. BTW I was kind of thinking of suggesting some in your suggestion box these might have been subbed but I have found only spanish subbed only. My regards to all in Japan.

  17. l9a says:

    In response to “Erobeat’s doing a similar thing by not skipping on releases and subbing the entire series (ex. Accelerando), and I certainly don’t think they’re wrong for doing so.”

    To be fair obieye, erobeat only did that because bushido the guy of heroAP hadn’t done ANYTHING for like 2-3 years and the group practically died, only then did Shockwave decide to pick it up. He asked the guy many times but no response. So I tink erobeat has more courtesy than anyone else in the community. That’s ot to say I don’t understand subdesu’s point of view. But I c an also understand why it may be frustrating for erobeat since erobeat pay for their translator. I don’t think subdesu pays for them, though I’m not sure. Also some others were bitching about erobeat releasing stuff not to their taste or older series [ personally im not that big on the relaly old stuff too since I watched it many years ago] but look Shockwave pays his team so it’s perfectly normal for erobeat to see what they paid for.. Until us the community actually paid erobeat, we have no right to complain. Also shouldn’t even bitch about it out of courtesy. I mean erobeat staff are extremely busy yet still putting out release. Should be thankful even if it’s not their ideal crazy fast pace that they do from time to time. So if you’re reading this guys, the guys from erobeat irc. THANK YOU and we all love you :P

    • admin says:

      Also, most people don’t know this, but Accelerando was originally an Erobeat project before Bushido Philosopher decided that he was better off doing all the work on his own (translating, timing, encoding, all the good stuff).

      A few years ago, he joined our group, but we were too short staffed to get anything done within a reasonable timeframe (a few releases a year). We got the first and 2nd episode partially edited before he left to pursue HeroAP.

  18. l9a says:

    Exactly as shockwave said. Also guys you should try to understand erobeat’s pov and support by downloading their version when it’s out through DDL even if you already had seen it done by another sub group. It’s what I do because Erobeat’s release are usually the highest quality and size,they use raw straight from dvd. The reason I can see why it’s frustrating for erobeat is because you have to understand. Shockwave kept the hentai subbing scene alive by motivating his translator through payment. Money speaks.. And thats the only reason why the hentai subbing scene had any momentum during those dark times.. [yes Erobeat was the ONLY group alive during those times, and over the years] When a series they’re doing is released by another group, that makes it harder for Erobeat to break even in the cost of their DVD plus translator fee. Which is why it’s bad for them to overlap with others. Most people they don’t care about quality of video and other stuff, they just want a quick fap while understanding the dialog, so they pick up another group’s release once and most likely won’t pick up the version erobeat releases, which cuts in on their revenue for that release, meaning they can’t break even. And thats not a good thing for the hentai subbing community. The only way we the community can do to help is to support Erobeat by picking up their version of the release through DDL everytime it’s out, even if you already have it by another group. Chances are Erobeat’s version are the “keeper” quality anyway since it’s usually the best quality around. Even SDH had admitted that. So personally I always pick up releases from Erobeat for collection even if I already seen princess lover done by doki or something. SDH is a decent group too we can support both group by picking up both release. Just remember Erobeat is always the highest quality. So if you wanna burn it for backup, be sure to pick up their release when it’s out.

  19. hmmh says:

    For whatever it’s worth…

    Keep downloadin’, keep fappin’, stop yappin’…

    You guys’d still end up killing the trees faster either way; tissues aren’t made of air…

  20. Khilandros says:

    Great job guys, thanks for subbing this ep :)

  21. wark says:

    Why is there two diffferent versions of this? Gari and Kari. Isn’t Kari the right wording as most sites have it as that… even though the ep is the same with your Gari.