Princess Lover! OVA – Ep 1

If you don’t have anything good to say, then you shouldn’t say anything at all. But, if you insist on complaining though, I’ll answer with the words “I don’t care”.

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67 Responses to “Princess Lover! OVA – Ep 1”

  1. Jdark says:

    Wow! thanks for this one, by the way there will be an update of the torrents? and thnaks a lot for this one i really like it!.

  2. DoubleRipple says:

    Ok stop hurting the admin already because like he said he’s building another boat maybe it was better if it was a submarine. XD

  3. GodZoidberg says:

    Thanks for the release gents. Well done.

  4. i hate this says:

    nicely said admin

    its true i don’t enough for a a series, cuz they cost so damn

    but i will donate like another 20 bucks like I did couple months ago. of course under a different name.

    i donate because i appreciate what you’re providing…thanks for your service and

    tell your guy or gal..doing an excellent job translating.

    ps… you should try that tip jar..although i haven’t seen those for a while on websites..

    lets say 1000 visitors tipped $1 through thats whopping $1k, you got yourself a nice donation to the translator, but then one really wants to tip $1. :(

  5. verginello says:

    always great!

  6. Right says:


    ofc i agree with you since i have never complained here. This is your operation and you run it how you want.
    I am one of those donators that donate much for the titles by the company that cant be named here (you know which one i mean) and when i dont see any release from that company for more then a month i being to wonder whats going on with the money i put in, i usally think someone prolly payed more then me to see another title put out or something else got in the way, but since you cant get any update on the titles from that company, you start to speculate and so on….

    I was only saying ppl have the right to complain if thier complaing is sensible and not just saying “erobeat you suck since you are not subbing what i like” thats just stupied.

  7. h says:

    FFS guys, a donation is just that; you’re not entitled to anything. No one is forcing you to donate. Think about all the times you have watched erobeat subbed videos. Admit it, you like them. You like erobeat. <—- That is a reason to donate.

    I don't think donation gives anyone the right to say "you shouldn't sub this/that" "I PAYED GOOD MONEY!!11!1 DO AS I SAY!!!11!"


  8. gui-sama says:

    congratulation again for this episode. but i just don’t understand your choice concerning the release. doing princess lover! which is really some shit and done by 2 other teams. you want to compete with them but we already know that you’re the best. if you really want to show everybody your leadership do something logic like finish gakuen saimin reido ep2, stringendo ep6, discipline zero ep2, rinXen ep2 and among the show nearly done in project status i will in heaven if the following show will be the next: Accelerando, After…,Anata Dake Konbanwa, Himekishi Angelica, Shishunki Shoujo.

    if you grant my wish i swear i will make a big donation. (sorry to make you angry with my wish)

  9. Chaosrains says:


    You haven’t really picked up on it, have you?

    We don’t care that other groups have subbed it. We started/planned Princess Lover long before the other groups announced their work on it. For me it doesn’t matter who has subbed it, if I want to work on it, I’ll work on it. I wanted to work on this. I had fun working on it. No effort was wasted on my part.

    As ShocWave (admin) has said repeatedly many times in the past, the projects you see on our project page ARE being worked on. Everything is. We can’t just rush things and have a half-assed release. Things will come in time, be patient. You guys seem to think that because we release something like Princess Lover, that means work on other shows has halted or something – which is dead wrong. While I was busy doing QC on this show, someone else in staff is doing work on another show, and someone else before them is continuing work on another, etc. etc…

    No work is ever wasted by us. No show is being “delayed” because of work on another show. Everything is running smoothly, except for at the moment, a certain series whose current status is understood by some IRC idlers. However that will be moving forward again very soon.

  10. Krude78 says:

    I have a generell question.
    You become a little money when we download from Depositfiles, right?
    What is when, as an example, i download the same file twice or triple, with a few days between then with the SAME IP. Becomes you money from the double download?
    p.s sorry my english is not so good

  11. Right says:


    ofc we like erobeat why the f**k would you donate to someone if you dont like their work, right…..

  12. h says:


    Quoting you: “…and when i dont see any release from that company for more then a month i being to wonder whats going on with the money i put in…”

    The “money i put in” should have NO EFFECT on what comes first in erobeat’s lineup/how long it takes for a release (perhaps Admin can clarify this). Do you understand what a donation is? You are not entitled to anything. That’s all I’m saying. People think they get to say whatever they want, when these people are FAN SUBBERS.

    From erobeat’s Donation page:

    “Give us your money! All donations will go toward bribing translators, obtaining DVD raws, and other fansub related stuff.” Not, “If you donate we will put your donation towards a specified work, don’t forget the more you donate the more preference you get!!1!1!!!1!”

    No. There is no reason for anyone to be upset here (I’m agreeing with you on this.)

  13. admin says:

    Well, if someone donates towards a specific purpose, that is okay, since money can go toward translations and dvds. Still, even if that is the case, translation and DVD are just a small part of the whole proceess. It does not take much effort to order a DVD or obtain a translation. It is everything that comes afterwards that takes time (see project page). “Whatever comes first” will always depends on what is finished first. Not all staff are willing to work series. There are times when I assign different series to different people to work on. For example, not everyone is willing to work on extreme hentai.

    Although I perfer extreme hentai myself, the vast majority of people out there does not. As you can see, we’re pretty much the only group working on that kind of stuff. Although it is completed at a slower pace, it will be done eventually. Some series cannot be put on the project page for various reason, but if they were on there, you’d see that pretty much “every single series” by a particular company has already been translated.

  14. Right says:


    I understand what you say mate, but you make it sound like i am complaning here which i am not, i love erobeats work or i would not donate and i have been following them since they first started. I just feel bad that we cant get any updates on the show from that company some how. I know you can prolly get updates if you use irc, but i meant for those ppl that dont use irc. Then ppl would stop asking about it all the damn time and whats even worst stuff from that company keeps on palning up, just these 2 months you had like 3 new shows/eps from them.

  15. h says:


    Thanks for the clarification.


    Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like an asshole. :-)

  16. immortal fapper says:

    Wow that was awsoooome. More like this pls.

  17. Uuuuuuuuu says: