32 thoughts on “Ojou-sama wa H ga Osuki – Ep 2”

  1. a lot of fakku releases lately. i guess great minds pick up the same great series lol. what about ‘i can vol. 2’?

  2. I don’t want to sound whiney at all and I’m very grateful for this, but since this has already been subbed, couldn’t you guys perhaps give the priority to the episodes that still remain raw?

  3. Erm…

    You realize we have multiple shows being worked on simultaneously right?

    No time has been wasted pushing this show through.

  4. this has been done by better groups and in mkv. You should really start releasing in mkv and mp4. Hardsubs = video quality fail.

  5. @Master Bastion :
    Then why don’t you make some comparison screenshots and then get back here with some screens where you could notice the difference?

    The difference in containers means jack sh!t if the video is not properly encoded.
    Having it in .mkv doesn’t automatically make everything superior.

  6. Good to see the naughty sisters again. Woohoo! Bounce jiggle jiggle bounce jiggle jiggle bounce. Erobeat keep on beating the erodrum!

  7. Oh nice one. Was a good manga with great artwork and the animated version is easy on the eyes as well.

    Keep it up.

  8. Don’t know if anyone else is getting this, but the streaming link brings you to episode 1 and not episode 2. Just letting Erobeat know if they haven’t caught it yet.

  9. Honestly, What would be the point in .MKV (in anime it’s so you can watch the raw, raw w/ sub, dub, ect.)? You are here because you want subbed H-anime, if you want the RAW go find it. If you want the sub, then deal with the hardsub.

  10. Really as long as the encoder actually knows how to encode differences between .mp4 and .mkv are very hard to see.

    .mp4 just happens to be compatible with pretty much anything, while .mkv isn’t.

  11. Using .mkv would be better because of the softsubs, if nothing else. But maybe Erobeat are like Central Anime, and don’t want to have their scripts ripped and put on other raws? Those dicks are preventing us from getting LoGH in BluRay.

    As for hentai, people are fucking stupid and still do not know how to make an .mkv display the subtitles. Hardsubbed is for the lowest common denominator because there’s nothing you can fuck up. I think people want softsubbed because they want ONE file with everything on it. Sometimes I like to watch a scene with the subs turned off, and it’s a lot easier and more convenient to just have one file for that.

    For anime fansubs at large, the only reason why hardsubbed releases still happen is that some subbers might feel pity for people with shit computers. Some don’t even do their own .avis at all, but some other group re-encodes. .MKV is where it’s at.

  12. My god can ppl stop fucking complaining about the format and be happy that they even release stuff! if you fucking dont like the format dont fucking download it then!…….

  13. @Japetus
    People will always find something to complain about. If it’s not the container, it’ll be the genre, the priority list, the font, the filesize, the download sites chosen, etc etc.

  14. actually having this on .mp4 format gives lot of convenience for me, sure I prefer anime to be on either 720p or 1080p .mkv BD rips, but for hentai anime, I don’t usually watch it in PC, instead I watch it in my cell phone so I can hear those moans at high volume.

    Anyways very good release πŸ™‚

  15. Of course it looks awesome in the Samsung Jet Phone since its an AMOLED screen, pretty much the best screen technology there.

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