Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo – Ep 2

More Blu-Ray stuff. By the way, our HD releases are also compatible with Xbox 360 and PS3 in case you didn’t know.

In an effort to make downloads more accessible for users outside of North America, I have begun experimenting with Fileserve. It is a new filehost with much promise. It has a 15 second wait timer, 10 minute delay between downloads of large files, and max speed of 400k/s.

From now on, the newest release will use Fileserve/DF and Hotfile/DF. All older releases will use Fileserve (single link), Hotfile/DF, and Megaupload/DF (I can’t use the P word here, but you get the idea). Eliminating part 2 for older releases should make things much easier to download for those in foreign countries. Please check out the direct download section to see everything in single-link glory.

Before I hear any compaints, I would like to remind everyone (especially some our newer visitors) that “this shit ain’t free”. Unlike other fansub groups, we comission most our translations. I have created this system so that you, our fans, do not need to spend a single penny. Instead the downloads will pays for itself. If you look at SaHa and DesuDesu, they have projects which will almost never see completion or progress slowly because nobody wants to pay up for the next chapter.

Click here to flash back to October 2009. As you can see from our progress from the past year, the plan is working. Torrents will be made after we break even for any given series, as usual.

Get it: Here

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57 Responses to “Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo – Ep 2”

  1. Samson says:


  2. DoubleRipple says:

    Suweeeet! Tnx Erobeatz!

  3. ispy says:

    MU was really good for me in Australia. This new system is slower but that doesnt really matter. Considering its free the amount of time it takes to complete is irrelevant. Find whatever works best and stick with it guys. Your subs are worth it!!

  4. walw6pK4Alo says:

    That kind of blows, MegaUpload is pretty much all around THE BEST DDL service for large files like videos. But yeah, it’s not really that big of an issue in the end anyway.

  5. admin says:

    MU will still be used for older releases, so that people wanting to download like 10 episodes at once can just plug them into jDownloader. An extra 10 minutes per episode could add up to be hours if you download enough, however, this will only affect people downloading the newest release (which happens to be this one). In a few days, when we release something else, MU links will be added to this post.

  6. Metty says:

    dammit, 3 hours till im back home from college :(
    now that its finally here i dun wanna wait

  7. CtrlAltDown says:

    <3 Thanks Erobeat, my life is complete now.

  8. Kapisketo says:

    MU works fine from Spain. And about the part2 thing, I thought that it was for you and not for getting translators, but I don’t mind ;P

  9. walw6pK4Alo says:


    Yeah, then that’s all good.

  10. Magnificent says:

    “In an effort to make downloads more accessible for users outside of North America, I have begun experimenting with Fileserve.”

    urgh, fileserve varies between bad to decent too much(even hotfile is better in my opinion), personaly i prefer megaupload since i get 400-550kb/s on average(i don’t live on NA), but whatever suit you guys better.

  11. SwitchBladeZ says:

    I have an OLD folder for an OLD torrent for Erobeat (fan made, really disorganized), I would LOVE to see a refreshed “Erobeat” “Megapack”…

    also GJ on the release’s!

  12. DrakoZ says:

    Yes! This is what I have been waiting for. Awesome. More of stuff like this please. :D

    I also can’t wait for the next episode too. And the game was great, you guys should check it out if you can.

  13. joluis says:

    super release ! ;D

  14. Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon says:

    thank you so so so much guys :)

  15. paul says:


    i’m going to miss MU’s 3.5mb speed

  16. Zack says:

    You guys are awesome! No one should complain about free stuff and if they send them to hell 8D

  17. leowolf says:

    Thanks again for your work!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Bring back Megaupload. It works perfectly with SkipScreen, and doesn’t have those stupid 45 minute waits after a download is finished.

  19. x3mslayer says:

    You guys are great. Such a wise capitalistic plan ;) Kidding
    When money is involved everything works! People are shit, and you used that well, congratz :) I download from here whenever ai kyan (i can).
    Keep up the good work.

    Although i’m VEEEEEEEEERY SAD to see that you won’t continue using Megaupload (the other one) :( I think you should keep megaupload and fileserve, and kick hotfile out. But it’s your decision in the end, and i’ll accept it whatever it is, since i can’t be grateful enough for what you do ^^

  20. x3mslayer says:

    P.s. This is probably gong overboard but… is there a possibility that you will release Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo stuff in standard definition (not HD)? I can’t watch HD, so i’m just wondering… no pressure :)

  21. admin says:

    The wait time will not matter, because you will NEVER see it. I will only use the Fileserve/Hotfile combo without Megaupload for “1″ release at a time on the entire site. Scroll down the main page and you will see that the Megaupload links are still there, except for 1 post at the very top.

    It’s more about the country restriction than speed. Depositfiles did not allow some people to download at all without a proxy.

    How fast is your CPU? If you need SD, you can download the FLV converted version in the streaming link that I will post later. If you use jDownloader and paste in the link, it will download a Flash Video file to your computer which you can play with almost any player.

  22. zlol says:

    woo been waiting for this one lol.. next the ojo one ;p

  23. lain says:

    I really like the way erobeat does things, as it seems to benefit everyone.
    Once again, thanks for another great subbed episode.
    You guys rock.

  24. Vince says:

    Thanks for all the work you guys have done and for those using fast internet services FS can got up to at least 700 k/s

  25. James says:

    Thanks guys :)

  26. Anon says:

    I’d almost rather you had it 10mb for the second part each time. heck, I’d almost rather have 2 deposit file links.

    Plainly stated, it is a way to show support without having to pay money ourselves (not that we don’t want to).

    But yeah, personally, I think that at the very least, this will make things easier. I have to wonder about some things, but ah well.

    Thanks for the [good] work.

  27. MaJoR MuCuS says:

    Thanks again Erobeat, what another great release. Keep up the good work, we love ya.

  28. Hinamizawa says:

    I find it amusing that when I finally caved and checked out another group’s release for the show to tide me over, EROBEAT’s version came out less than twelve hours later.

    Still getting it here, however, since it’s from a BD source. Many thanks.

  29. Japetus says:

    Thank you guys! and you guys have a nice plan up there, i will support you guys as much as i can with donations, keep up the good work :)

  30. Lolzor says:

    You could allways upload a small part on sharecash.

    People who want to support erobeat could fill in a survey and that would earn you guys some extra cash.

  31. chengsta says:

    :o (>^-^)>

  32. azwald says:

    sharecash is shit on some countries(including mine)
    they offer survey based on where you live, so when they don;t have the survey for some countries, then you MUST pay to download… not by filling survey

    well… I’ll just wait the MU / torrent since only MU can resume download…

    btw, thanks for the release :D

  33. CG Artist says:

    sharecash i shit and lie, no one trust them,

    thanks erobeat,

  34. ishiro says:

    Im totally voting for this! MU(megaporn) doesn’t work here in our country so i have to wait 30 mins for every download i make with hotfile and besides fileserve’s speed isn’t really that slow plus by downloading in fileserve we could help just by downloading and other fansub groups are using fileserve already…

  35. admin says:

    Try jDownloader. You can resume download with any filehost.

  36. greyhoundz says:

    thanks ero…hey when will discipline rei ep 2 english sub will be released?thanks again

  37. DrakoZ says:

    Just wanted to express my thanks again. This really is a superb hentai anime. The sex scenes are fantastic, it’s in HD, and I love Akina’s voice.

    I can’t wait for the next episode. They’ll prolly finish up the “plot” in episode three though. Hopefully they’ll make a fourth episode for the fandisk scenes and leave out the plot, doing mostly sex. Hey…I can dream, lol.

  38. leonidas says:

    I totally agree with Erob. They are the true source of hi-def subs and are masterpieces..instead of those annoying “subbed by ****” titles 5 minutes into the scene.

    Erobeat are the copies that everyone steals from to pad their own MU DL accounts. Not even an aknowledgement or nod to them..disrespectful.

    Believe it or not, I’m in los angeles and MU is absolutely horrible. Hotfile and Fileserve are super-fast. I did 358 MB’s today by MU and took me 2 hours just for ONE damn file.

    File serve, the movie had 200 MB’s and got it within 15 minutes.

    Thanks Erobeat…please finish episode 6 of the Princess lilia series when u have the time. U did the first 5 anyways. :)

  39. Endersgame says:

    Hey, has anyone else had a major encode error towards the end of the episode? It gets heavily pixalated at like the last 5 minutes (including the credits) and it only last for about 5 seconds or so. I ran my file through a crc check just to be sure and it came up with the same crc you put in the file name so I got the whole thing. Anyway thanks for the awesome subs at least.

  40. admin says:

    Your codecs may be out of date.

  41. draker says:

    10/10 will rage again

  42. Endersgame says:

    I wouldn’t think so since I’m using the beta for CCCP >.> so maybe they’re too up to date? >.> Meh whatever I’m sure something will get figured out.

  43. Anoki says:

    Just wanted to thank Erobeat for bringing this show to everyone. I would also like to see if anyone knows if the game is translated anywhere online and if so where to find it. Thanks.

  44. ApplePieDestroyer says:

    Thanks for the free subs, since many of the people here probably wouldn’t bother paying for it (well, ME anyways) KEEP IT UP!! I’m planning to learn some Japanese, so maybe I can help? *lazy, procrastinates, will probably never learn how D:*
    So Thank you!!!!

  45. Vinz says:

    Tanks for your hard work! :D

  46. Bloodios says:

    I’m experiencing the same phenomenon when using CoreACV, but it works fine when switched back to libavcodec…but I’m using K-Lite Codec Pack though…

  47. Neos says:

    lol MU is the best for me its the only one that has 1m/s+ speed and no only a 45 sec between downloads… well Fs and Hf suxs nuff said

  48. robert says:

    is there a 3 ep in this hentai

  49. ^_^ says:

    I just want to thank erobeat for all their hard work. Seriously, I don’t mind downloading it from depositfiles or other crap host since we get all these for free.

  50. vkn says:


    found the first BD on hongfire. Is the 2nd one available anywhere, like PD or Share?