13 thoughts on “Itoshi no Kotodama – Ep 2”

  1. yeah you arent kidding! the censorship kills it… especially this series when the whole screen basically becomes a censored because they zoomed in, or its an up-close shot (same diff)

  2. censoring should be like an additional movie over the normal one,that lays the artifacts over the to be censored parts(dunno how to discribe it properly), but that would probably be way too easy to bypass -_-

    anyway, thx for the anime

  3. starting to warm up to ghost sex lol. thanks for great release:)
    seriously you guys are helping me occupy my time til i get my ps3 fixed thank you again

  4. hey if i win the megamillion or powerball jackpot, can you guys quit your day job and sub a lot of hentai for me, LOL

    I would pay twice or triple, etc your work salary or just give a big donation.

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