23 thoughts on “Itoshi no Kotodama – Ep 1”

  1. You’ve raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly.
    I just want my Kx3… ya I’m being a baby, at least I admit it.

  2. thanks.. but why are you releasing in Fileserve.. now i’m going to have a harder time to download or even worse, i can’t.. please share hotfile links like you used to.. it is very appreciated..

  3. @CtrlAltDown

    Pretty sure Girlfriend Cubed is done with. Unless they decide to do a second OVA series. From what I can tell, between comparing Wurmknight’s list and Erobeat’s project page is that you guys are out to pretty much getting anything you can subbed that wasn’t previously.

  4. @walw6pKAlo, no E2 of Kx3 came out early July, ChoasRain yelled at me for asking about it on a previous release and pointed me to the forum where he stated we need to stop asking about it and that it should be out in mid- to late-July.

    I assume they’ve talked about it in IRC but I don’t use IRC and don’t feel it neccessary to learn IRC just to ask them on there.

    You can still find that topic in the forums, he closed it immediately after replying to it, and I’d feel like a real douche for remaking the same topic. So I just pleasantly ask everyother release.

    I was only getting antsy because this release was so far apart from the previous release and I figured it might be taking along time to process all of the data for Kx3 release as it’s Blu-ray.

  5. @CtrlAltDown

    can’t you use the net? is Erobeat only the subber in this world? Explore the internet! Your paying your broadband for nothing buddy. Bizounours and Fakku (UTW) already subbed ep.2 of Kanojox3.. sorry if I am promoting other subber’s work here

    @on topic

    thanks for your hardwork.. will be looking forward to your next release

  6. @Winterfox, I don’t find internet exploring that facinating, I also don’t pay for my internet, and at the very least my friends get use out of my broadband and so will I as soon as Halo: Reach comes out.

    Tho, I did not find the fakku sub at all and their search bar was no help. I did manage to come across a sub. my point here is that I actually, up until I found Erobeat, don’t just go looking for Hentai.

  7. @CtrlAltDown:

    Apologies for the delay on Kanojo x3, it’s still being worked on. I haven’t gotten it myself yet, but it’s getting there. Just be patient.

    Remember, we are working on a LOT of shows at once. Sometimes other shows take priority. Itoshi no Kotodama, for instance, has been sitting at me for QC for about 2 months because I was receiving other shows that took priority. I’m clearing out my old backlog of shows now.

  8. @Chaosrains

    Thanks for the reply, I didn’t mean to make as big of a deal out of this as I had. The Bizounour sub can hold me over for now, tho I’ll definately double download the Erobeat version.

    I did enjoy this release and can’t wait for the next episode or the next release period.

  9. yeah other subbers just dont seem to cut it after seeing some shows done by erobeat… well thats just my opinion. anyways thanks for another awesome release enjoyed it though not too sure on ghost sex lol.

  10. @ffdgdf:

    I’m tempted now because of that comment to take my time on the Nice Boat and enjoy the seas.

    However since I’d get whipped for it, I will get it done when I can, which should be soon-ish.

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