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  1. I think that whole argument was pretty dumb… dont like it? then dont download it… plus it wasn’t much of NTR really. As Chaosrains said it very very minor. I hate NTR myself makes me really pissed. But wont ruin it for others who enjoy it:)

    That was a very confusing hentai???

    Anyways, Thnx Erobeat for the release hell of a lot better(and faster) than others (^_^)

  2. Today, I googled NTR because people kept saying it on erobeat’s site. Apparently it stands for National Transcontinental Railway. That only made things complicated for me.

    Funny thing is, I’m fine with thinking it’s some sort of railroad. I love train sex.

  3. Netorare (NTR): sub-genre of hentai, where male protagonist is being betrayed by his wife or lover. The unique objective of NTR is to play with the “jealous feelings” of the reader (or player, if it is a hentai game).

    @wikipedia 😉

  4. NTR is one of only 2-3 things that I refuse to watch, and I didn’t think it was NTR at all. After all, they weren’t really even together!

    In any case, thanks for the release.

  5. I love how people are like..

    ‘wow omg dude it says ntr in the second comment so why did you watch it? ‘

    Who the ruddy hell reads the comments before watching a hentai? If i cant tell whats going on from the 3-4 pics they have, i google it and get a synopsis.

    Brother and sister get it on.. oh yea he also gets betrayed.. can’t forget that…

    Baka -.-

    It had something ‘ resembling ‘ NTR and that was enough for me to say oh hell no. Not following the same story as EP 1 was Strike one, the pseudo-rape was Strike two, and the “NTR” was Strike Three.

    This hentai struck out for me, but appreciated nonetheless

  6. ‘k, so…I had no idea this one got soo~ much attention from being…uh, ‘half-NTR’…?

    Well, whatever.

    ‘Hentai’ means ‘weird’ or ‘perverted’ in general; it’s not ‘sex’.
    Can’t really see why people’d be so cranky about any particular sub-genre of hentais.

    To all of you who complained this and that, you’re just like a 5-year old little girl who’s being given a balloon for free, and then bitches because it’s not her favorite color.

    If you downloaded anything from here uninformed and then it’s not something you’ve expected, then you can just blame yourself for wasting your own time and bandwidth for prioritizing your craving for a hard-on instead of researching anything first.

    …or simply wait until some people made comments about it.

    All I’m saying is that you can’t expect erobeat to sub a hentai episode that will always conform to whatever sub-genre that helps you wank properly.

    I personally don’t like NTRs, but never felt the need to show everyone else that I don’t in order to feel that I have a higher moral ground than the rest.

    TL;DR version –> Just take it for granted, and appreciate the fansubber.

  7. I personally liked the comment above 🙂

    in my opinion, ntr and rape stuffs add spice and thrill to hentai because it’s not an average thing to happen personally in real life.. so why not try and watch it?.. I also hate it on my first time, but then something exclude ntr from normal plain hentai.. there’s only one thing I cannot like, and its tentacles :))

  8. Haters gonna hate.

    I don’t mind NTR, so that’s just me.

    Before even labeling the series as NTR, watch the damn thing first, and then make the call. The episode might’ve started out with a NTR premise, but the rest of the episode pans out as a romance drama. The ignorance and stupidity of the interwebz…

  9. For those who hate netorare:
    – If you would repeatedly read Sanbun Kyoden’s works for a whole month or so, I’m pretty sure every other netorare works you read or watch after that wouldn’t mean a damn (well, maybe watch out for Bai Asuka’s…)

    Sorry, I’m trolling here.

  10. OK, so this DOESN’T follow ep1 at all? I guess I’ll take a pass on it then because I wasn’t sure if it did or not.

  11. Ep 1 and 2 are different characters. And there is consent and acceptance by both parties, so therefore it is not NTR.

  12. I just love how the translator was Voldemort. Really, THAT was the LAST thing I would’ve guessed. Anyways … WTH, this didn’t leave off where episode one ended. I was like “WTF, did I miss something?” Then I realized the “heroine” were two different people (Well, they LOOKED different” I probably should’ve read up on that … but who the hell researches a hentai before watching it 😀 *Sorry for lengthy comment* Thanks for the free hentai!

  13. Netorare? Don’t really care about that. I like this one because she’s hot and the scenes are hot, end of story.

  14. Hey, guys i was never into hentai, but after seeing the first Ep i liked it.
    What is NTR?
    Why is this NTR?

    1. It’s not really NTR in my opinion.

      A typical NTR scenario consists of a happy family. A wife, husband, and maybe a few kids. Daddy’s a busy man, working his ass off to support the family, while the mother is a stay at home mom. Oh, don’t forget the stalker.

      The couple’s sex life is virtually non-existent, and the stalker knows it. He may do something to blackmail the wife, like take pictures of her masturbating, or threaten to harm her children. Taking advantage of the fact that the wife is horny but never gets any, he proceeds in raping her.

      Eventually, the wife becomes attached to the stalker. The husband may find out when he sees them having sex in the comfort of his own bedroom. There might even be a giant orgy with his daughter(s) which have been unlucky enough to be born into the family. This usually ends in divorce. The guy has done nothing wrong in his entire life, but the happy family is torn apart.

      Viewers to watch the show in the perspective of the husband get thrown into a fit of rage, unable to sleep for days. This is the wrong way to view NTR in my opinion. You need to view it in the perspective of the stalker.

      During the ending, a typical line spoken by the stalker before the woman cums would be something like:
      Who do you love more, me or your husband?
      Would you leave your husband for me?
      …etc. When she finally cums at the end, you might see the happiest expression she has made the entire series.

      Such lines are quite pleasing to hear and you may even blow your load, assuming that you don’t think about the husband.

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