Kojin Jugyou – Ep 1

I’ve updated the project page with much more detail. You are now able to see our progress for each and every series that we have yet to release. Series with progress past the editing phase are the closest to being released next. No status will be given for the ongoing projects. I hope this will encourage other fansub groups to take a look before jumping onto one of our projects.

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26 thoughts on “Kojin Jugyou – Ep 1”

  1. looking forward to the next PP title and i hope it will be itoshino kotodama or mikagura detective agency

  2. The art style looks like it was based on a Hitoshi Itaba h-manga but I can’t figure out which one of his tankobon this is from.

  3. great stuff, watched with streaming (streaming, fucking win!) as soon as it was up (refresh refresh…) gonna DL as well!

    great stuff after the last 2 which I didnt/wouldnt download… bleh on NTR/RAGE

  4. Too bad you guys cant put up “P**y” titles on the project so that we can see the progress there, if possible can you (admin) send me a mail on the progress of those titles. I have already talked to you guys so you should know my email 😉

  5. holy shit, I had no idea you guys were working on so much stuff. Thanks for all the hard work for your fellow perverts 🙂

  6. Now people can (ideally) stop asking about the status of a chunk of the shows that you’re doing.

    Thanks for the release.

  7. FOUND IT!

    The artist is Kino Hitoshi and the book is Kojin Jugyou.

    I knew the style looked familiar. Man, that was killing me.

  8. I guess this takes care of “that” problem. *Applauds* Erobeat for thoughtfulness. Now there won’t be anymore comparisons hopefully.

    Also, thank you guys for this release.

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