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  1. Thanks for this, but Fakku was already doing this before Erobeat. Not that I have a problem with super-fast Erobeat releases. I think that they’re going to be pissed or something, since it seems you guys always beat them on finishing releases. Anyway Erobeat FTW!

  2. Just saw the comments in the previous Ep of this. Well it looks like Erobeat was already done before Fakku. I guess that other group should speed up themselves.

  3. @Ero-Guy
    We had this translated over a month ago. It’s not like we purposely release what another group is already working on. I always try to check up on what other groups are doing, and put things we are working on in the project page so other groups can see as well.

  4. I noticed that, I never and won’t say that you guys intentionally released a better 😀 version in just a day after them and it’s their problem for not being so organized.

  5. @Admin, as Xan360 asked in the previous episode comments, what’s the new ETA on Kx3 ep 2, I know you get that so often but last time ChaosRain spoke on the subject he projected mid-late july. Are we looking at a early-mid August release?

  6. Thank you! You guys rock. I think it doesn’t matter that erobeat is releasing animes that has already been subbed. Erobeat has more clarity and better translation but that’s just my honest opinion.

  7. Thank you guys! btw stop compering erobeat to other groups they cant even compared with erobeat. There is only on group that can be compared to erobeat and thats KH but they have been inactive for a while now.

  8. [KH] are R1 DVDrippers; without any new hentai being released in the US, there’s nothing for them to do. There’s literally been one title in the last like 4 months.

  9. @ Admin:
    Will you be releasing KanojoXkanojoXkanojo episode 2 this month?

  10. Oh yeah [KH] is actually good. In fact I got most of my copies from them before I discovered Erobeat. ^_^

  11. i know this is just a hentai but i can’t imagine that a mother would become that much depraved that she really abandoned her son for the guy who raped her. I mean for gods sake she has cared for that son till highschool and they weren’t even the type that fights alot or something. Well hopefully there are no woman in real life like that.
    Anyways ive actually been wondering what was in that letter since it was first showed so thanks erobeat for subbing this one 😛

  12. @ekz
    Welcome to Sanbun’s world. And yea this is hentai, highly doubt there’s woman like this irl. That’s what make it so hot.

    On topic, thanks for the release. You guys rock.

  13. Hate to be a pest but when will Kanojox3 ep 2 be subbed O_O and is Ojousama wa H ga Osuki ep 2 being worked on/going to be worked on D: oh and before I forget thanks for the realse xD

  14. I only watched this for the story, it was quite sad that his mother threw him away for sex <_<

  15. In my opinion, the anime has pretty much been watered down. It added in some stuffs to lessen the effectiveness of story line (in term of pissing you off…), and it also failed to capture the female character’s expressions that were presented in the manga (it still pisses you off and turns you on at the same time, just not as effective as the manga.) So while the anime still manage to successfully upset the watchers, it is nowhere near the level of the manga (I remember gnawing at the edge of my room’s door for a whole 10 ten seconds after reading it. Almost pop a vein…)

  16. i keep hearing that this has a manga, anyone got the title? translated?
    i have a lot of sanbun’s stuff but i don’t think i’ve ever seen this in his mangas. google only turns up the anime

    also, anyone know if any other sanbun stuff got turned into anime? translated or not

  17. Wow, I feel sorry for the son. Well at least I give him props for punching and trying strangle that guy to death. To bad Sanbun Kyoden didn’t make an alternate version of the gang bang where the son actually joins in. I too hope more of Sanbun Kyoden’s stuff become animated. I would like to see Azure Sky, Sayuki no Sato, Yama-hime mi no Satomi/After, and Uninhabited Island.

  18. I found something called Yama-hime no Masae Rei-Katei. From the looks of the RAW chapter, it seems to be revolve around the mother’s perspective. You think Schoolzone and Milky animate it?

  19. i personally dont find too much pleasure off of sanbun kyouden’s work.

    especially of the ones involving families…..azure sky was especially my least favorite….sorry for being such a critic…guess i have more morals. oh well….this one didn’t do that much damage to me though. since the boy is old enough to sustain himself

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