Why you do this?

Okay, I’m really angry right now. Which one of you faggots did this? Only people who visit this site know my e-mail address. Don’t put our shit on Share or Perfect Dark, especially stuff the boat company. Because of the way you named the file you have just let all of Japan know and pointed the finger at us. Do you want the site to get shut down or something?

108 thoughts on “Why you do this?”

  1. If you try to download from this website in Japan, it is considerably more difficult than in the countries we reside. Had I not known how to access content stateside, and been rather resourceful, I would not have been able to have enjoyed any new releases while in Japan. For those countermeasures, Shocwave, I applaud you. You make it simple and easy for us, and an utter pain in the ass for anyone else. For now, we can only hope that we don’t attract enough attention to cause someone to inspect the website so closely. That, or be content with playing R(+1)G(-4)0(+2),

  2. love you erobeat and all the weird people your drag in, except people who shut things down, they’re just left handed wanks

  3. Dude, with all the scam bull shit you do for every file having 1-3mb’s ul’ed to another scam “pay per dl” site you should be glad that’s all people have done to you..

  4. @anonno
    You do realize that all our releases are funded by those 1MB files right? The translations cost us hundreds of dollars a month. I created the system of splitting files last year because nobody was willing to translate for free. So far, it is working.

    Most people who have been following us for the past year know this, because I’ve mentioned it many times over. Take a look at this post for a more detailed explanation: http://erobeat.hafio.net/home/?p=440

  5. Dude! We all (and our precious wangs) thank you! Curses and AIDS infected whores to the ones that dared to do that to erobeat! Kudos to you Sir!

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