Tsuma Shibori – Ep 2

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19 Responses to “Tsuma Shibori – Ep 2”

  1. player1 says:

    You Guy’s are subing faster than I came up with Thx messages

  2. semtex says:

    Quality and Quantity, I like it

  3. Player2 says:

    You guys are subbing faster than I came

  4. Sparhawk says:

    wow, that was rly fast.. btw anything new about Rin x Sen?

  5. Quintal says:

    Woah…feels like they’re machine gun subbers madly firing hentai everywhere.
    Thanks for the fast releases

  6. @ Quintal

    Not the only thing we are firing…..

  7. Chaosrains says:


    (☞゚∀゚)☞ O U

  8. Raithos says:

    Myself and my boner, thank you greatly, whats next on the docket?

  9. shihouin says:

    thank you!!!

  10. faster04 says:

    Thank you!

  11. joluis says:


  12. MaJoR MuCuS says:

    Thank you very much for another great release.

  13. Japetus says:

    Dudes this is crazy you are faster then speedsubbers for regular anime!

    Thank you guys!

  14. Xan360 says:

    You guys have out done yourselves yet again, Erobeat’s on fire! can’t wait to see whats next….

  15. DrakoZ says:

    This one was win! More of the same please!!

  16. baron says:

    great work guys. thanks, many thanks

  17. loplop says:

    Nice to see this one done so quickly, Thanks!

  18. Nkea says:

    Thank you.i like it !

  19. Seto says:

    I like your job..great!