For Sale: Bad Dudes vs. Ninja Series

Here we go again. We haven’t had a DVD sale in quite some time.

We are selling the DVD for Bad Dudes vs. Purple Ninja Live Action.
Includes pre-order bonuses such as an autographed picture and a 30 minute bonus scene not included in the movie.
The DVD will be go on sale in the last week of July, but I am posting this in advance since I already pre-ordered it.

$45 USD includes shipping fees. SOLD

Also selling the older Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja Live Action.

$35 USD includes shipping fees. SOLD

Interested buyers please leave a comment with the e-mail address field filled out or send us an e-mail via the contact section.

Please be sure you are capable of playing region 2 disks. Also, please double check with your local customs office if you are not sure if such materials are allowed into your country. We cannot be held responsable if your package is seized by customs.