Yet Another Live Action Title Involving Dragon Ninjas

There is a particular live action coming out in May, which is over 4 hours in length. In order for us to take on a project of this magnitude, we require a minimum of $200 to pay the translator and other expenses. Please help us reach this goal by either:

a) Downloading the following dummy files once every 24 hours (contribution of about $0.04 cents):

b) Leaving a comment with the e-mail address field filled in, and saying that you would like to donate. We will get back to you with instructions on how to proceed. Don’t worry, your e-mail address is not publicly viewable.

c) Sending a certificate to:

Also, remember that these live action titles take a very long time to sub. We’re about half done the other dragon ninja title. Also, these releases will probably be released straight to BT and IRC instead of DDL sites due to their massive size.

Update: Movie has been released. Thanks for waiting.