Trouble Evocation – Ep 1 (Uncensored)

Ever see a release that was delayed for 4 years? You have now, lol.
I’m sure many of you who have been following us for that long have been eagerly anticipating the day we would finally get this out.

At first, I considered censored DVD release. Later, I thought about doing a uncensored VHS release. As the years fly by, I eventually decided to combine the two.

Anyway, I spent hours splicing together scenes from the Japanese DVD and our HQ capture of the Spanish Uncensored VHS tape. It actually turned out pretty well. You probably wouldn’t have noticed the VHS source unless I told you.

Download: Here

VHS Capping!

I am now set up to do some serious high quality VHS capping. I picked up a JVC HR-S5910 SVHS deck with an image stabalizer and S-Video output, as well as some VHS tapes from Japan such as Junk Story and Kyuukyoku no Chef wa Oishinbo Papa. If anyone has any suggestions on older titles that never got released on DVD, please comment below.