Stringendo – Ep 10

So for Christmas this year, we’re going to be finishing off all of “those” series. I don’t think there are even 12 episodes left at this point. Although we will try to have about one episode per day, I’m going to allow for some flexability this time, so don’t be alarmed if there is the odd day with no release.

Download Links: Here

Onmyouji: Ayakashi no Megami – Ep 1 (Uncensored)

The quality is just as bad as Himekishi Angelica. I thought these uncensored DVDs were getting better have seeing Hime Dorei, but I guess I was wrong.

The audio was sped up 4% but Trimax doesn’t use PAL speedup in its videos, so the whole movie is not synced up properly. I fixed it by using the audio track from the Japanese DVD instead though.

Download Links: Here

Timer and QC Wanted!

I’m looking for a timer (or two) to help time a crapload (possibly 12 or more episodes) of stuff the course of next few weeks.
Experienced timers only. Newbies or wannabe timers need not apply.

Also, I am opening the floor for any of grammar nazis looking to join us.
Exceptional command of the English language is required.

You can contact us here.