Why you do this?

Okay, I’m really angry right now. Which one of you faggots did this? Only people who visit this site know my e-mail address. Don’t put our shit on Share or Perfect Dark, especially stuff the boat company. Because of the way you named the file you have just let all of Japan know and pointed the finger at us. Do you want the site to get shut down or something?

Zoku Gosenzo San’e – Ep 1

Aka: Masquerade 2, the sequel to what could possibly be the best hentai ever created. I’ve been trying to get this done for the past 3 years, but ran in to a lot of minor kinks along the way. Eventually, I decided to just scrap all the previous work all and started from scratch. I recommend you watch the original first, or you might be left slightly confused.

On a side note, I lied when I said we weren’t going to be releasing much. We set a new record last month with 21 releases. That’s more than what any other hentai fansub group can pull out in a single year!

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