Next Month (And Beyond)

Seeing how there are now more ambitious fansub groups out there, I’ll list our projects for next month the near future to avoid conflicts. This list is not set in stone and subject to change at any time.
– Ai no Katachi
– Aneki
– Kazama Mana
– Rensa Byoutou
– Seifuku Shoujo
– Secret Project

Mizugi Kanojo – Ep 4

Mizugi Kanojo is complete!
For some reason, Pink Pineapple has been very sloppy with the recent DVD releases. The last episode of Stringendo had a few minor issues I managed to hide with filters, but Episode 4 of Mizugi Kanojo is field blended. It means the video will stutter like crazy and there is ghosting everywhere. Anyway, if they ever fix it a year or two down the line with a re-release, we’ll re-encode it.

As for episode 3, a few of you complained about a minor video glitch at around the 15 minute mark. It’s fixed now, and I’ve replaced all the links with an updated version. So re-download if you mind the little details 🙂

Get it: Here

Stringendo – Ep 4

Here’s the last episode of Stringendo. They actually ran out of manga for source material, so episodes 3-4 are mostly original content.

For some reason, Kirishima now has blonde hair. Maybe she wanted to stand out, so she dyed it blonde because everyone at the school seems to be a brunette? But wait, what’s this, purple eyes? Maybe she got colored contacts. Um… anyway… They changed her character design awhile back in Stringendo & Accelerando Ultimatum: Sera.

Get it: Here

Insane Processing Power Needed

I’m looking for someone with a Core i7 or equivalent, preferably overclocked, to run an encode which will take about several days to a week. No prior encoding experience is needed. I can walk you through the steps if needed. You must be running an 64-bit operating system with 4GB of RAM at the very least. Anyone interested, please e-mail me or leave a comment so I can get back to you.

Thanks for all the quick replies. The spot has been filled.