Himekishi Lilia – Ep 1

Himekishi Lilia was released by X-SASG around 2 years ago, but sadly they are no longer active. I’ve contacted several members of the former group and they were okay with me re-releasing episodes 1-3 with their script. The subtitles have been re-timed, re-edited, and the video source is directly from the DVD this time around. We’ll start with episode 4 after Taimanin Asagi is complete.

DDL Links:

Taimanin Asagi – 02 (v2)

I’d like to start off by saying that our new translator does not work for free. Since this group was formed, there hasn’t been a single Japanese translator who offered to help and actually followed through. After losing our one and only Japanese translator a few months back, we needed to take drastic action. Since nobody was willing to help for free, I’ve cleverly devised a system to hire a skilled translator. In order for this to work I will need your help. All I ask is for you to use the direct download links provided on this website whenever possible, instead of downloading from other sources. Up loaders, please try linking to this page or use my links directly as they appear here instead of posting your own links on forums. Money makes the world go round, and without it we cannot continue. The fansubs provided here will always be free, but the frequency of releases will depend entirely on how well this plan works out. Donations are more than welcome.

Here’s v2 of Taimanin Asagi episode 2. All 4 episodes will be torrented together along with the bonus scene when the series is complete (hopefully by the end of the month).

Taimanin Asagi – 01 (v2)

While waiting for Taimanin Asagi episode 3, feel free to re-download the series from the very beginning. It’s been over 2 years since some of you have watched the first episode, so it’s time to refresh your memory. The new encode is now Xbox 360 and PS3 compatible, so you may now fap at the speed of light in the comfort of your own living room. I’ve also increased the filesize to 350MB because this series is too fast and too furious for 233MB. Enjoy the difference in quality.

Let’s Roll

It’s been awhile since the last update, but we’re finally getting back on track. Our primary Translator has retired and it has taken awhile to find a suitable replacement.

Expect Taimanin Asagi to be finished within the month 🙂