Masaru Ashita no Yukinojou 2 – 01 (Uncensored)

Punching a bear in the face = sex. Next time you see a bear while travelling with a few girls, punch it in the face to show them how much of a man you are. Sex is guaranteed if you succeed. Death will most certainly await if you fail.

This is an uncensored release. Licensed in Spain, and brutally converted to PAL format. I tried my best to remove most of the ghosting, but slight stuttering remains. I’d like to thank our guy in Spain who kindly provided us with the DVD. We will be releasing a flood of uncensored series this summer, so keep your eyes peeled. I’ve added an icon next to series in our project page to mark which releases are uncensored. Please continue to assume that all our releases are censored unless stated otherwise.

Oh yeah, this is actually the sequel to Ashita no Yukinojou which we may work on… someday… maybe…

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Taimanin Asagi Boxset

How desperate are you to see that little 3 minute clip included in the DVD boxset of Taimanin Asagi? If you got some extra cash on hand, then you might have what it takes to help us buy the series.

It has been almost 2 months since the boxset has been released, and the extra 3 minute scene is nowhere to be found on the internet. Recently the price of the boxset has dropped to about $70USD. That is less than $20 per episode, which is a very good deal.

I’m planning to start a little donation drive if there are enough people interested in helping out. We can divide up the disks and ship them out to you after we are done with them. Donations of over $20 will get you 1 episode, $40 gets you 2, $60 gets you 3, and $80 gets you the whole thing. Please note prices include shipping costs. Also, disks will be shipped in standard jewel cases if the boxset does not contain individual cases. The person who donates the most will get the box with the cover art. If you do not have a credit card or PayPal account, I can accept money order as well.

Before I start taking donations, I would like to hear your input on this. Also, please make sure that materials of this nature are allowed in your country. You wouldn’t like to have your package seized by customs, would you? Please tell me what you think in the comment section.

Update 1: We don’t need any donations after all. I have been in contact with a potential buyer of the boxset, and also someone who already has it on hand. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Update 2: Expect a release in the near future.

M.E.M. – Ep 2

Here’s M.E.M. episode 2. This one has a few nice yuri scenes, as you can see in the image below.

By the way, we’re going to pick up Stretta. The release should be ready (hopefully) in the near future.
Please no Stringendo comments, it’ll be released when it’s done…

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No More Rape

According to a fax sent to all major hentai game makers, they must conform to the following new regulations by June 5:

  • Words such as “training” (調教) or “slave”, among others, are not allowed in the title or packaging
  • HCG involving sexual violation cannot exceed 20% of a game’s total HCG count (ie: can’t try to build this up by having lots of everyday life CG events)
  • Even if it’s below 20%, anything that is promoting a criminal offense is not allowed
  • Anything that promotes rape, confinement, stalking, domestic violence, and portrays it in a way that the offender gains something out of it is not allowed
  • New games that have already passed the review process by the EOCS are considered “safe” from this
  • Regulations stated in the fax are completely different from what was being discussed in the emergency meeting yesterday
  • Strict… Very strict indeed…

    Bible Black – Ep 3 Remastered (RAW)

    Just the like Imari scene I posted awhile back, this was originally part of a special limited edition boxset released only in Japan. Episode 3 of the original Bible Black series was poorly animated, and the creators felt the need to re-do the episode using modern animation techniques. The end result looks more like something from the Shin Bible Black series rather than the original. I will not provide subtitles for this as it is licensed. However, subtitles can easily be found on the internet. If you have an ogm or mkv version lying around, you can extract the subtitles as well. No torrent for this one, jDownloader only.

    Download Links:
    jDownloader (Right click and select “Save As”)