M.E.M. – Ep 1

This is an oldie, but goodie. In my mind, the year 2000 wasn’t that long ago. I still remember everyone talking about the coming apocalypse, and how we’d all be screwed because computers would think it’s the year 1900. Anyway, that was nearly a decade ago. Here’s some hentai from Y2K so you can reminisce about the past. The 3-way lesbian scene at the end makes it all worth it.

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False Alarm

Rape games are not banned after all. It turns out the news channel jumped the gun and misinterpreted an interview with the Ethics Organization of Computer Software. Developers can continue to provide us with images of little girls being ravaged in peace. I hope it stays that way.


Rape based games are now banned in Japan according to Kotaku. The ban will go into effect on June 2.

But what exactly will they define as a rape game? A game with the whole plot set on rape, or a game which contains a single rape scene? Will all bondage or slave training based games be banned? Will “graphic-novel” type games be affected? Will Taimanin Asagi become illegal? There are so many unanswered questions.

Luckily though, anime and manga is not affected… yet.

Ane Haramix (RAW)

This is not an official release, but here’s Ane Haramix Ep 1-4 RAW encoded by me. Feel free to replace your exsisting poorly deinterlaced copies. You can use them with SaHa’s translations floating around the internet (if you can still find them). No BT link for this one, jDownloader only.

Speaking of SaHa, there is a slim possibility that we may work together on comissioned releases in the future. We might even be able to start up donar projects. Only time will tell.

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Bible Black Only – Imari

I bring you (once again) the only scene in Bible Black which may never get uncensored. Technically, this is not a new release, but a re-encode with much better video quality. We originally released this back in 2006, but I was dissapointed with the poor quality RAW we had to work with. The new release is 100% Xbox 360 and PS3 compatible. Now you’re free to fap in front of your big screen HDTV. Just try not to make too big of a mess 😀

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