Sharing is Caring

The release of The Pollinic Girls Attack episode 2 is drawing near, and having said that, I’ve decided to try something new. From now on, everytime we release something, I’m going to post a Megaupload link as an alternative to BitTorrent. All the files will be compressed in RAR format. You can grab WinRAR from if you don’t have it.

Here’s episode 1 for those who have not yet downloaded it.
Link: jDownloader (Right click and select “Save As”)

Please feel free to share the link and spam it to the moon and back, but please keep the part at the beginning of the URL. It prevents Megaupload from knowing where the link originated from, so that there’s less chance of the file being deleted. The files are also password protected, so that Megaupload can’t view the contents. Don’t worry though, all the files will use the same password.