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Why you do this?

Okay, I’m really angry right now. Which one of you faggots did this? Only people who visit this site know my e-mail address. Don’t put our shit on Share or Perfect Dark, especially stuff the boat company. Because of the way you named the file you have just let all of Japan know and pointed the finger at us. Do you want the site to get shut down or something?

Windows 7 Ultimate

I need a genuine copy of Windows 7 Ultimate (not Professional or Home Premium). Microsoft has blocked of most MSDN keys recently and my OS has been deactivated as of today. If anyone can get me a copy from the Microsoft Store, or any other means for $50, contact me: here. No comments about cracks please.

Off Topic

A good friend of mine recently had his notebook hard drive fail. I’m looking to see if anyone out there has a Hatachi Travelstar 60GB IDE hard drive so I can replace the circuit board and retrieve the data. If you happen to have one of these drives, even if it is failing, please contact me.

Model: hts548060m9at00
P/N: 08k0638
MLC: h69553

I got the drive board from eBay, and it worked perfectly 🙂